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[Desktop] Sorting options not saved in 0.8.8

Status: Closed


Status: Won't fix


Sorting a column in a playlist (such as 'Added' oldest > newest, for instance) then quitting the app is not saved between sessions.


Version: (desktop)

Platform(s): Windows, OS X



To reproduce:

1. Sort a playlist by Added

2. Quit Spotify

3. Returning the playlist, it is back to how it was sorted before


Additional information:

- The ''View as Album List" option is also not being saved.



2013-06-03 This is still being looked into. Of note: we're continuously looking into ways to update and improve the Spotify experience, so keep an eye out for news and mprovements.

2014-01-15: See Richard's comment here.


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Strangely, as I pointed out in one of threads, I do not have this issue my playlist sorting is saved between client sessions. 


Windows 7 (and 😎

Spotify v0.8.8.295


I can post screenshots if needed. 




I to have this really annoying problem. Why would I want my latest music to be at the bottom? Any news about this?


I also get this same behaviour.

It's a shame as I sort ALL my playlists by the "Added" column (most recent first).

Everytime I restart Spotify the sort order defaults back to no sorting.


Version: (desktop)

Platform: Windows7


I have this exact problem too, on 2 different PCs, both running 64-bit Win 7.


On the first PC, the problem appeared a couple of days ago, but disappeared when I uninstalled it completely (yeah, it annoyed me really quickly :)) and installed it from the download on the website (I'm guessing that version was older), and now reappeared after an automatic update to I can't confirm which different version it ran before...


On the second PC, it worked just fine with, but broke after the update to


So yeah, looks pretty much like sorting broke between 0.8.5 and 0.8.8 🙂 Let me know if there's anything you need to know about my machines.


I'm having the same issue since updating spotify this morning.


Spotify Version


Also having this issue.


I somehow got a new version of spotify a couple of days ago (3/12/13) and I have been having this same problem every since the switch. It is very annoying. Please fix.


Same issue here. I previously sorted all by Added in descending order, but it reverts to whatever it wants whenever I close and re-open Spotify. Very annoying!


OSX 10.8.3 (Retina MacBook Pro




Updated to, but it's still not storing the sort options properly.


Same problem for me.. when fixing this bug, please also add this function (to sort songs) to mobile versions please 🙂


When is this going to be fixed? How long could it take? Please!