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[Desktop] Sorting options not saved in 0.8.8

Status: Closed


Status: Won't fix


Sorting a column in a playlist (such as 'Added' oldest > newest, for instance) then quitting the app is not saved between sessions.


Version: (desktop)

Platform(s): Windows, OS X



To reproduce:

1. Sort a playlist by Added

2. Quit Spotify

3. Returning the playlist, it is back to how it was sorted before


Additional information:

- The ''View as Album List" option is also not being saved.



2013-06-03 This is still being looked into. Of note: we're continuously looking into ways to update and improve the Spotify experience, so keep an eye out for news and mprovements.

2014-01-15: See Richard's comment here.


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We're not naive. But we wanted to thank richard for his diplomatic approach and the contrast between him and some self-acclaimed forum's King Geoffrey.


I do understand your point, but still I have been waiting for this bug to be fixed for ages now. Just like you guys.


The reason why I don't trust Richard is that I have got the same type of messages from Spotifys costumer service:

19.4.2013 - Email from Spotify:

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

I'm waiting for some more information about what's gone on with this feature. I'll keep you updated!


18.5.2013 - Email from me to Spotify

Any updates?


Same day got a reply from Spotify:

Don't worry we haven't forgotten you 😄 still just waiting for a reply

Thanks 😄


I kept on waiting for a reply from Spotify.


12.6.2013 - Email from me to Spotify:

It has now been ~2 months and you guys still haven't got a message from the dev team?
This is getting ridiculous, if you were a customer would you be OK if you had to wait for a answer to your question for 2 months? I think not.


13.6.2013 - Email from Spotify:

Sorry for the delay in getting back.

We have pushed a new release through, we hope it will fix the problem,


Well it didn't work. Basically they were hoping that the Dev team had already fixed the bug and wanted me to test it out.


After a few messages I got this from Spotify support - 5.8.2013

You are right of course that all bugs should be addressed in a timely fashion and this is what we aim to achieve.  All bugs are reported to our development team and we have let them know about this one.


I do understand that all bugs are extremely frustrating and please be assured we are aware of it and will aim to get it fixed in a later update.



I hope you understand it why I'm having problems trusting Richard when he says he will double his efforts...

Ps. I'm not here to start a war and I'm not trying to say that you can't thank someone. I'm just saying that if I were you I wouldn't put your hopes high...


Richard, any news?

I'm no longer a paying customer so for me the problem is kinda sorted.


I don't even care anymore haha! At this point I've grown acustomed to the way it's set up and it doesn't bother me anymore. Can't speak for the whole population, tha'ts just me.


I'm ashamed to say I feel the same as Josh.  As soon as I start Spotify and open a playlist the first thing I do is sort by "added" date.  It's a habit.  I wish it could be changed, but I am managing to live with it.


Same here, but I don't think we should give up on that. Then we will get more bugs like this..


Hey guys, I'm back with an update. Right now it looks like this isn't going to be changing anytime soon.


As a workaround, remember that you can reorganise your playlists anytime and 'save' the configuration by making a new playlist out of the tracks. It's not the most convenient workaround, I know, but I hope it goes some way to helping you out.


Sorry that I don't have better news for you to deliver. Please bear in mind that as the client continues to change and evolve, functionality like this will inevitably undergo changes such as this.




Well, time to downgrade then 😕


Why do you keep calling it "change"? It's clearly a bug. Just like you expect the tracks you add to playlists to persist, obviously their order should persist. There is no reason for them not to, and it has worked like that before.


Like many else here, I now sort by "Added" instinctively. Everytime I get a reminder by someone posting in this thread, I am reminded how incredibly stupid it is and the second there is another service that actually seems to listen to their users, I'm dropping my subscription.