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[Desktop] Sorting options not saved in 0.8.8

Status: Closed


Status: Won't fix


Sorting a column in a playlist (such as 'Added' oldest > newest, for instance) then quitting the app is not saved between sessions.


Version: (desktop)

Platform(s): Windows, OS X



To reproduce:

1. Sort a playlist by Added

2. Quit Spotify

3. Returning the playlist, it is back to how it was sorted before


Additional information:

- The ''View as Album List" option is also not being saved.



2013-06-03 This is still being looked into. Of note: we're continuously looking into ways to update and improve the Spotify experience, so keep an eye out for news and mprovements.

2014-01-15: See Richard's comment here.


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Good point, I hadn't noticed! I am guessing it has not yet been implemented on the new album/artist pages.


You can still select a block of tracks quickly on artist/album pages by clicking on the top one, holding shift and then clicking on the bottom one. Alternatively if you want to add a whole album to a playlist just drag and drop the album name into your playlist. 




Still broken in the latest on Mac. Really disappointing this is taking so long to fix.


I find this annoying as well, works on playlists but not on the new white interface for artists, albums and so on.


This was one annoying thing that I almost didnt find able to get along with in this program . Thought was, the might fix it soon. Well apperantly NO! No fic and the latest update WONT LET ME CHANGE MY CACHE LOCATION!!


I have almost 10GB data synced on my computer, well IT WAS!! Now it keeps reseting my location back to C:\User\Name\Appdata\Local\Spotify\Storage instead of my normal D:\musik\!spotify.  This gets me so fckng upset!!!


Same problem still after update yesterday. It really annoys me when I have to sort by Artist every time I log in which is every day.


Hope it will be solved soon!


Annother update, still same problem. Does anyone from the Spotify staff actually read these threads? Feels like they dont give a **bleep** about paying customers..


I got this reply from Spotify Support:


We've recently made some changes to Spotify so some things have changed, one of these is the filtering option only being valid for one session.

This was because when you ended a session previously the filter would become the permanent order of your playlist and the only way the original order could be recovered would be by dragging and dropping the tracks back to the way they were.


So I suppose this is not a bug...Instead it's a new feature that in my opinnion sucks...

You used to be able to click the sort order again to toggle the other direction, then again to toggle to the the playlist order. Sounds like a bs brush off to me.
While I think of it, this doesn't explain why it doesn't remember showing album art in a playlist across sessions either.

Agreed...Well I emailed them again and now i'm waiting for a reply. 🙂


This is a previous message what I got from the Support Team, but i'm not 100% sure if the guy understood the problem...


The changes to the automatic sorting feature is an intentional change to how Spotify works. As you know, you can sort songs by track title, artist, date added and stuff like that.

We received a lot of feedback from users who wanted to order their playlists via other means, so now when Spotify opens up, your playlists go into a default sorting mode which you can arrange however you see fit.

You'll notice you can drag and drop songs to various positions in the playlist when you're not sorting by date added? When you log out of Spotify and back in again, this track order will be saved.

If you want your tracks to be arranged by date added, you can manually re-arrange your playlists in this manner and they'll be saved as default. However, I don't know how many songs you have in each playlist, so it might be that clicking to sort by date is the easier option.


Anyway still waiting for the reply. 🙂




I got a reply to the question you asked Stephenallred:

@stephenallred wrote:
You used to be able to click the sort order again to toggle the other direction, then again to toggle to the the playlist order. Sounds like a bs brush off to me.


Of course the question was not in that form 🙂


This is because previously the filter would just be applied to change the order of the songs. However now it would be applied permanently so you wouldn't have a filter to remove to restore the original order of the tracks.