[Desktop] Sorting options not saved in 0.8.8

Status: Closed


Status: Won't fix


Sorting a column in a playlist (such as 'Added' oldest > newest, for instance) then quitting the app is not saved between sessions.


Version: (desktop)

Platform(s): Windows, OS X



To reproduce:

1. Sort a playlist by Added

2. Quit Spotify

3. Returning the playlist, it is back to how it was sorted before


Additional information:

- The ''View as Album List" option is also not being saved.



2013-06-03 This is still being looked into. Of note: we're continuously looking into ways to update and improve the Spotify experience, so keep an eye out for news and mprovements.

2014-01-15: See Richard's comment here.


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How long can it take to fix this, seriously?! Theres been at least 2 updates since the update that **bleep**ed this up, cmon fix it already!


Same problem, really annoying


Another issue with sorting on phone, newly added songs come in the bottom of the list, while a month ago they went to the top.


All my lists are screwed up . _ . why.. why... why IS THIS SO HARD TO FIX




Everytime is see the blue updated bar I'm praying for a fix but alas.....


This bug annoys me so much, I find it funny though that when I'm on my linux desktop this issue isn't happening(and lets keep it that way please) I wish my work computer was linux and not windows 7 😛


I really hope this get resolved soon as I hate nothing more than having to re-sort my tracks everytime I load spotify.


Same problem here on two different PCs: v. 😞 .

Win7 is up to date.




Still there on


Really annoying bug!


And put new music on top as default for god sake! 🙂 (In mobile version as well).



New update today, and I am still forced to have my NEW music at the BOTTOM. Please answer me, where is the logic in that?!


Just an update, this is broken on all my machines I use spotify on, which are 2 Macs running OS X 10.8.3 and a Windows PC running Windows 7.


It also seems that the playlist contents seems to load from the server on start (they flow in), whereas pre this bug they seem to be cached (the full playlist would load instantly). Could be related and thought it could be useful.



How come the Edit/Select All isn't working now?

it's a pain having to press control then highlight the line,

it worked before my update to software now its not!

I love saving new playlists but it's gonna be a slow

pain doing it all manually, Spotify please sort it???