[Desktop] Spotify Skips Through Entire Playlist

Status: Closed


Desktop app fails to play a track within a playlist, then skips through every track in that playlist until the end.

To reproduce:


  1. Open a playlist
  2. Try play the playlist



Additional information:
Please post your Device and OS version, Thanks! 🙂

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I have the same problem that I can't listen to music on spotify because the songs are skipping. It worked with the old version. It feels like with every update there is a new problem...






I have the same problem after upgrading my Dell laptop to Windows 10. It worked fine with Windows 7. I reinstalled Spotify but it didn't fixed the problem. After the selected playlist is done skipping I got the error-message that the song is not available and that when I have the file on my computer I can import it (but I get this error-message with every song and every playlist so it seems a bit weird).


Got no problems on my Android phone.





I'd like to add myself to this topic.


To summarize: reinstalling doesnt work. Different playback devices dont work. Wired and wireless connections without a firewall dont work. Previously downloaded files wont play.


The web player works fine and also recognizes which songs are downloaded on my laptop.

Im currently running Windows 8.1 and Spotify 1.0.14


Is there anyway to go back to a previous version of spotify? The update is when this started to happen




I'm having the same problem too...


I'm using a Win 8.1 Laptop, spotify version


When I try to play a song, after less than a second it goes to the next one in the list and it continues skipping til the end of the playlist. The web player is fine. I've tried to check/uncheck hardware acceleration, and to uninstall reinstall. The problem is still there. 


Instead, it works fine on another laptop with xp and the same version of spotify installed. 


Can someone help? 


thx in advance


Have same issue, Running Windows Vista on latest spotify update


I've gotten rid of the problem by upgrading to Windows 10. Spotify works fine for now.


I was already on windows 10 when it quit working for me.  I tried using the connect feature from my phone to play on the desktop and it does the same thing.  Updates and unistall/reinstall did not fix the problem.  Do we have any idea what the problem is yet?

im guessing it has to do with audio device drivers. Its the only clear
change from before. Completely uninstall the drivers and install the latest
I don't know if Spotify screwed it up or if my audio drivers started to

Since I didn't have any other sound related issues, my guess is that the
issues are caused by Spotify