[Desktop] Spotify becomes unresponsive when using Search

When I click on the Search bar and start typing in, the desktop app doesn't respond and for example I can't open my playlists. I need to exit through task manager cause normal exit doesn't work. FIX IT!






Operating System

Windows 10


Hey everyone,


Thanks for your reports so far. We’ve passed your info on to the relevant team, who are currently looking into it.


If you're experiencing this issue, it'd be great if you could share a screen recording so that our tech folks can see what's happening on your end and get to the bottom of this!


Also, don't forget to add your +VOTE and leave a comment with the following details:

  • Device details (build/model/OS)
  • Exact Spotify version
  • Country of residence
  • The exact steps you're taking when you experience the issue
  • Troubleshooting steps you tried

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Hey @badger1246! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


I understand your anger.


Have you tried reinstalling your app? If not here's a step by step tutorial.

That usually does the trick.


Let me know if that helps, thanks! ^^




Hey Nico,


I also face this issue for several days. The reinstalling of the application, unfortunately, doesn't help. I tried doing it several times both via a downloaded installer and the Microsoft store.


A single search request causes two buggy effects:

  1. In the UI, the result list stays empty no matter what is requested. However, the UI stays responding.
  2. The background Spotify service gets hung. One of the Spotify processes starts using 100% of one of the CPU cores and can be killed only via the task manager. Also, using "Analyze Wait Chain" in the task manager on that hung process, I see that one of the threads of this process is queued and waiting for some resource.


I've uploaded the dump of the hung process to Google Drive:




Hopefully, somebody can help, because this bug makes the application unusable.


Kind regards



I have the same issue. Reinstalling does not fix it.

I also have the same Issue. 

I believe something went wrong with spotifys latest update. Android devices are also suffering from weird bugs recently






Operating System

Windows 7

My Question or Issue

Hello. I just started using Spotify and came across some unpleasant issue. My seaching function doesn't work. Well, it works correctly for the first 2 mins of using Spotify and then it just stops. I can not search anything and also after that all the functions stop working. So I can not stop listening, can not skip or change the song. All I can do is just... uninstall and install again. And the problem keeps arising every time. No idea what is going on. Can someone help?

Thank you.

Проверь настройки (запреты и разрешения) антивирусника и брандмауэра. Полностью удали Spotify и потом установи заново.
Увы, не помогло 😞
Брандмауэр даже до начальных настроек сбросила и переделала заново - все осталось по-прежнему.
А сам Спотифай? Удали его, перезагрузи комп и снова установи.
Хотя возможно, это из-за 7й версии Windows. Она уже считается устаревшей((
Да уж всё попробовала - та же песня. Начинаю и вправду думать на семёрку. Проверила на ноуте с 10-кой - все прекрасно работает. Эх, обидно!
да, получается, это определенно из-за устаревшей ОС...