[Desktop] Spotify becomes unresponsive when using Search

When I click on the Search bar and start typing in, the desktop app doesn't respond and for example I can't open my playlists. I need to exit through task manager cause normal exit doesn't work. FIX IT!






Operating System

Windows 10


Hey there folks, 


Thanks for bearing with us while our teams are looking into this!


We're seeing several reports from users that this is now fixed. Could you confirm this for us after updating to the latest version available


If you're still having troubles, @snjx123 has shared a workaround that helped several users here - to sum it up, you can try the following steps:

  1. Toggle 'Show Local Files' ON
  2. Manually unselect each of the sources (iTunes, Downloads, Music Library, etc.)
  3. Once again toggle 'Show Local Files' OFF

It'd be great if you could share a screen recording if none of these do the trick, along with details on your device, OS and Spotify versions. We'll make sure to pass them along to the teams so that can continue looking into this.


We'll be keeping an eye out for your replies!


I have the same issue to started about two weeks ago.

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Hello @Marsein and welcome to the community 😊


1 / I have several computers. One is still on Windows 7 and everything works fine.

1/ У меня есть несколько компьютеров. Один все еще на Windows 7, и все работает отлично.


2 / In order to find a way to fix your problem, it's important that you mention :

2/ Чтобы найти способ решить вашу проблему, важно, чтобы вы упомянули :


a - the exact version of Windows 7 that you are running ?

a - точная версия Windows 7, которую вы используете ?


b - The exact version of the Spotify Desktop that you are running ?

b - Точная версия Spotify Desktop, которую вы используете ?


c - Try to describe in details what you are doing when the problem happens.

d - Попробуйте подробно описать, что вы делаете, когда возникает проблема.


I also have the same issue, which also started about 2 weeks. Have looked at various posts in this forum and tried all the suggested fixes but they don't help. Hope Spotify fixes this soon.

Can we at least get a sign, that spotify is aware of this bug???
I mean there are now several threads about this topic and the only solution suggested so far does not work. I mean this thread is already two weeks old...

My OS version is called Windows 7 Home Basic (64bit). As for Spotify version, I believe it is the latest one ( That's it.
Well, let me write a little "guide" step by step for you to understand what actually is going on 😄
1) Lets imagine I have just installed Spotify and logged in. For the first 2 minutes everyithing is working fine.
2) I start playing some song (or I don't - it actually does not matter) and then try to search for something new. For instance - indie genre. I type it into the window and... nothing changes. The searching window is not changing (it is empty OR it gives me the results of the previous search).
3) I try to stop listening to the song or starp playing some playlist. Nothing changes. The whole programme just freezes at this point.
4) Then I open my task manager and see 3 or 4 (!!!) Spotify tasks running. I have to close them all in order to actully close Spotify.
5) If I try open Spotify after it, I can only listen to defauls playlists. Because searching function does not work again and if I use it I wull just ruin everything again.
6) The obly option there is to uninstall Spotify and insltall again. But it helps only for several minutes.

And I have already tried working with my firewall and CCleaner. It does not help.

I have the same issue, made a post a few days ago that didn't get any moderation reply, probably because I mentioned I had done all their recommended steps a few times and it still doesn't work.. my current workaround is using web spotify to search which does the trick but that's not what I want to do for the rest of my life








Operating System



My Question or Issue

After a recent update, the search function of the desktop app shows severe bugs. After typing a search keyword into the search bar, Spotify stops responding. The main screen remains black, the columns on the left is still clickable (e.g. "Recently Played") and highlights when hovered over, but does not show results either. Boxes, e.g. "Find Friends" still open, but are empty. Playback does not respond anymore and after the song is finished, the playback stops fully. Elements like the volume slider and progress bar are still responding but don't function. When programm is closed, the song keeps playing and the app remains dormant in the task manager, occupying ~230mb of RAM space with 6 threads remaining active. When launched again, Spotify reports "The spotify App is not responding." After task is ended, Spotify opens again.

Any other function of Spotify remains stable and unaffected.

Trouble shooting done:

Re-installation via,
Re-installation via Microsoft Store
Re-installation with extensive roaming data removal

Restarting the OS

Logging Out & In again

The web player is fully functionable.

Thanks for helping, this is driving me nuts.


Welcome to the club,
this issue is around now for over three weeks.
The only solution suggested so far was to reinstall which does not work.
This was the first thread I could find that described the same problem:

Thanks for bringing me here! I the same issue and opened another thread here (CLOSED):

Will stay up to date here.


I created another Windows user account on my laptop and Spotify now works perfectly as long as I sign in to this new account. It's a bit annoying having to switch between different accounts but at least it provides a solution

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