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[Desktop] Spotify's taskbar icon on the wrong monitor every single time (dual monitors)

Follow-up thread for because it's an annoying issue and still unfixed






Windows Desktop x64 with MULTI MONITOR setup

Operating System

Windows 10 (1909) x64


My Question or Issue

1. Open Spotify and close it on the second monitor.

2. Open Spotify again. The icon will be on the primary monitor, but the window will be on the secondary monitor.


See the linked thread:


I created this follow-up thread because replies to the first were blocked and since the first bugreport the problem is still unfixed (it's over one year now!)

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.



It really would be nice to see this fixed.

There really is no reason spotify is ignore this issue. It's likely an EXTREMELY simple fix that they're choosing to ignore so they can focus their time on playlists for creatures without thumbs...

Really? C'mon spotify. Use your developers for things that actually affect your users daily.


Original OP of the now-closed thread here. I, too, was disturbed by Spotify's clueless decision to close the thread prematurely, before the bugfix was implemented.


It's still not been fixed. As was my tradition earlier in that thread, here's your reminder: this bug has been reported to Spotify's "Executive Team" of technical support for over:


  • 624 DAYS
  • equal to one year, eight months, and 14 days
  • equal to 89 weeks and one day
  • equal to 14,976 hours

One of the least equipped Windows developer teams I've ever seen. On such a popular application.


To prepare you all for the slog ahead: Spotify will repeatedly claim they're "looking into it" and simultaneously that it doesn't exist. Once you increase the pressure, Spotify will close & block your thread. 


Keep up the pressure: hit them from various channels.


  1. Spotify Support chat
  2. Twitter (@SpotifyCares)
  3. Twitter (@AskRockStars)

Don't let the fearmongering & denials of some "official" responses dismay you. They've got zero answers, so they're naturally frightened.


There are a few workarounds available, but this kind of shoddy code is pretty hard to ignore in 2020.


*bleep* like this bug and this bug just baffle me. As a software developer, I know what kind of effort it takes to fix things like this. So there's really no excuse.


Get this fixed asap.

It is super annoying and unacceptable for a premium service like Spotify.


Yes, this bug is very annoying and been present for a long time. This thread will likely be closed too. Hey Spotify, your paying customers are asking for a fix. When will you take ownership???


This is what I don't understand. How do the software developers of Spotify not run into this bug??? Some of them have to be using more than one monitor to code. Maybe they're using Apple. Who knows.....


The fact this has been an issue for such a long time is absolutely awful. Running into this issue daily genuinely makes me think of swapping to another service, and I've used Spotify near on 10 years now.


Still unfixed and no response from spotify for weeks now on this topic. This is bad support, folks


Very bad indeed. We will be lucky if this is every fixed. In a few weeks this bug will have been present three years. There is zero excuse for a bug like this to be present for three years. I agree that this was a low priority bug when first posted. However, three years later, wth man. Spotify is the only product I have ever used where a bug goes unfixed for three years.


Whatever Spotify is doing for bug tracking is broken. This community system isn't working. Does any user here have connections to someone at Spotify? Maybe through LinkedIn?


We need to know Spotify is actually working on this bug. We need to know when this will be fixed. No more excuses or being ignored. 


This issue still exists after I updated to Windows 10 2004 (Preview)