[Desktop] Spotify's taskbar icon on the wrong monitor every single time (dual monitors)

Follow-up thread for https://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Windows/Spotify-s-taskbar-icon-on-the-wrong-monitor-every-s... because it's an annoying issue and still unfixed






Windows Desktop x64 with MULTI MONITOR setup

Operating System

Windows 10 (1909) x64


My Question or Issue

1. Open Spotify and close it on the second monitor.

2. Open Spotify again. The icon will be on the primary monitor, but the window will be on the secondary monitor.


See the linked thread: 



I created this follow-up thread because replies to the first were blocked and since the first bugreport the problem is still unfixed (it's over one year now!)

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.



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Same here. I do have the option checked to show the taskbar buttons on the taskbar of the same screen as the application window. The Spotify app is the only app that misbehaves.


The application's taskbar item only appears on the primary monitor's taskbar when the application starts on the 2nd screen. Once this happens, I have to manually drag the app window to the 1st screen and then drag it back to the 2nd screen to get the taskbar icon to show up on the 2nd screen's taskbar.

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Same here: "Taskbar where windows is pen" is checked and Spotify is the only application that does not respect my settings on it's initial launch. 


@Katerina Please also have a look at the thread I linked in my initial post. There are so many further information including a Video "How-To Reproduce this Bug". This is the linked thread:




And this is the Video:








Casual Listener

@KaterinaI have to concur with the previous comments, I use "Taskbar where windows is open", small icons, on two different computers with multiple screens and it happens on both.


Hey folks,


Thanks for confirming that for us - we've passed on your info to the team looking into this.


We'll keep you posted with any updates as soon as we have them.




Worst customer service ever


@Peter any movement here? It's been ~3 weeks with zero updates. Are we still...struggling with bug for 775 days later?

Or Spotify still has nothing new to share? It seems fair to check in nearly a month after Spotify's last official response. This bug is a stain on Spotify's Win32 development and, judging by two years of replies, there's little good faith left.


Perhaps Spotify should move to a high-performance PWA and give up with Chromium Embedded Framework, as clearly the basics are too difficult.


If you can actually call that Customer Service.


Something to simple to fix... They could not care less.




Do they still get your money? Of course they do.


Spotify is the only Windows App with this annoying bug. Please consider a fix. It seem nobody at Spotify have ever worked with a multi-monitor-setup under Windows and use Spotify itself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I contacted the Executive Team again for an update and, to some surprise, here's what I heard back:


I've been keeping a close watch on our report throughout this time, and while they've made some progress, I'm afraid our engineers would require some time to find a permanent fix. While I can't share anything intelligible at the moment, I'd like to assure you that there are lots of things going on behind the programming lines in order to make the dual monitor set up work as expected.

This is proving to take longer than anticipated, so I'm once again asking for your consideration as our team continue to work on this issue. I'll still keep an eye on our report, and even if I can't promise a specific time frame, I'll make sure to get in touch right away once I receive some meaningful updates.

To confirm, the bug continues on Spotify (Microsoft Store version). However, this email seems to confirm Spotify can reproduce the bug, some progress has been made, and they're simply unable to deliver the fix now.


I'm genuinely lost why Spotify has struggled to fix this relatively direct bug that only affects a single platform; judging from their R&D technical blog, many bugs get introduced, lost, and ultimately stuck in the software pipeline for years at a time.

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@ikjadoonthanks for providing that update. That's more info I've seen regarding this problem than I've ever seen before.