[Desktop] Spotify's taskbar icon on the wrong monitor every single time (dual monitors)

Status: Fixed

Follow-up thread for because it's an annoying issue and still unfixed






Windows Desktop x64 with MULTI MONITOR setup

Operating System

Windows 10 (1909) x64


My Question or Issue

1. Open Spotify and close it on the second monitor.

2. Open Spotify again. The icon will be on the primary monitor, but the window will be on the secondary monitor.


See the linked thread:


I created this follow-up thread because replies to the first were blocked and since the first bugreport the problem is still unfixed (it's over one year now!)

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




Glad to share. It's something. Not what we deserve, but it's something!


To confirm, the latest build still has this issue (tested on Windows 10 Pro x64 1909 18363.900).


Meanwhile at Spotify





When Amazon Music came up with the three month free subscription of Amazon Music HD I decided to change to that. Yes, the Amazon Music application is a pain, by far, but does not have this kind of bug. Maybe I will come back to Spotify sometime, but actually I can't say that I'm missing anything on Amazon Music.


So I even can't say if this bug still exists with the latest version because I did not open the spotify application for a while. I will keep an eye on this thread so maybe I will give Spotify another try when this and othe bugs and features (disabling behind the Lyrics on mobile) I created or voted for are fixed/implemented.


The bug absolutely exists to this day, Spotify Build, Windows Build 10.0.18363. It has been at least 2 years and 4 months with no fix... The last comment, which was one month ago, is that the "right teams are still looking into this".


The right question to as here is when does this bug report get turned into "doing" as in implementing the code changes There is no way someone has spent a month working on this bug. It would have been fixed by now. This is still a super low priority bug to Spotify. They need to commit to a date when this will be addressed.


I'm not sure where my last post went.


Still broken in, today's latest update.


Spotify needs to commit to a date. This bug is ludicrously behind...


Still remains an issue. Seemingly unrelated to Windows itself as this is the only application displaying such behaviour.


Some combination of using `Win+Tab` and moving the Spotify window from one monitor to another and back, has seemed to make it work as expected. This is obviously a workaround, not a fix. But I figured anyone on this page might be interested to know that since it's been years with this bug unresolved.


Thanks for the workaround. You can also use Windows + arrow keys to move the window, which forces the taskbar icon to the correct window. But still ...


As a power user, this unexpected behavior from Spotify impacts my workflows and decreases my efficiency. I work in full screen applications, and having to jump out of full screen to hunt for the Spotify window is just a joke. I have a second screen with its own taskbar for a reason. This interaction between Spotify (a software application) and Windows is foundational to software running on Windows. Imagine if all software defied expected behavior like Spotify does. It would severely degrade the Windows user experience. That it's not a high priority for correction betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of UI/UX design.


2 years and 6 months with no fix... Looks like we're on track for the 3 year mark. The likelihood of this being fixed appears to be slim to none.


I asked the Escalations team (Ralph) for another update and they shared this yesterday:


Hello ikjadoon,

It's nice to hear back from you. Hope you're doing great.
While I haven't updated you for some time, you'll be pleased to know that there has been some progress on this issue. I'm still unable to give an exact time frame at the moment, but we're a step closer in finding a resolution. I've left another note on our report, and hopefully I can get back soon with the news that you've been waiting to hear for so long.

Thanks again for your continued patience. I'll be here if you ever need my help.

All the best,

Escalations Team - Spotify Customer Support

Emphasis mine. Genuinely difficult to reconcile how this bug has been up for nearly 30+ months. 


Hi, Im not really sure how this works but i had a question n idk where to post it.

my friend feed has glitched out, im not able to see it. I tried shutting the application, logging out n back in and even deleting and re downloading it on my laptop. Please help me 

Env: prod