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[Desktop] Starred Playlist Privacy Broken

Status: Closed

Thread343806 (original report)


Starred playlist privacy is incorrectly shown in the desktop client v0.8.8.x and above.


To reproduce:

  • Attempt to change starred playlist from secret to public in the desktop client.
  • Restart the client, the playlist will report as secret.



Not required, privacy options *should* save correctly regardless of what the client says. If you have any issues, you can make sure it is set correctly from the web player which does not suffer from this bug. 


Additional information

Starred playlist reports as "Secret" when actually public, and changing the privacy to public will revert to displaying "Secret" on client restart. 


starred wrong privacy.png


but is normally displayed with the correct privacy elsewhere (so settings are saved).


Clicking on "Public" and then restarting the client will revert to "Secret". All other playlists seem unaffected.


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As listed in the original thread here: this is not just a cosmetic issue as this bug indicates. The last few pages contain posts from others--including myself--who have tested with friends and other accounts and verified that this playlist is truly secret and not visible. 

Does setting via the web player work?

Is there a way that the Starred playlist can stay public? I didn't really get an answer??

Selecting it as public from the web player and then not touching it in the desktop should leave it as public.

will it revert back to private everytime i log off?

Nope it shouldn't do, if you set it to public on the web player and then just don't alter the privacy in the desktop player it should stay public.

Well in my test it did, if you could try and let me know that would be most appreciated!

Just confirming this is still broken (using v0.9.8.199):


Using Spotify normally, starred list reports as currently Secret:

starred broken current.png


Click "Make Public" to turn the playlist to public:

starred broken change.png


Log out and back in again, playlist has reverted to Secret:

starred broken client restart.png


Still broken on ! It has been more than a year since the bug was reported...

Tell me about it! I've bumped the report several times in that time too. 😞
Status changed to: Closed