[Desktop] Version 0.9.0 resets the cache location to default

Status: Fixed

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Since update 0.9.0 the cache location resets every time you exit the app.
This has two side effects:
Any content you had downloaded before 0.9.0 is gone
Any users with a small primary hard disk are unable to download tracks

Additional information:



You can now download the latest version from; this will resolve this bug.



We have started rolling out version to users and can confirm this bug is resolved.

If you don't have this latest version yet, do not worry. It will reach everyone soon.


Pro tip: log out and in of the Spotify app around the time of a new release; sometimes this triggers an update.


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Same problem, Spotify 0.9.0 / Windows 7 64 bits ultimate / Velociraptor / SSD OCZ

My ssd located on c:\ got 2 gb free...

I stock 90 gb with Spoti on Velociraptor 600gb, but when i'm restarting Spotify, he search in C:\Users\Spykeer\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage everytime --'

I'm downloading everyday 10G because my games take all my bandwidth...

Please fix that, i paid since 2011 and i need Cache/Hors co.


I am experiencing the same issue. Cache resets to default location on application launch. Win 7 64-bit Spotify


Same problem here, it goes back to default cache no matter what and keep saying that offline mode has been withdrawn from this device. 

Build: 0.9.0128.g3134f863
Windows 7 64bit. 



Same problem here. Windows 7 64Bit, Spotify

Same here, after recent upgrade, spotify deletes all offline vontent and changes cache directory, i have win 7 64 bit and spotify preminum account of course


Me too.

Everytime I opened spotify, it reset the cache location.


Windows 7 64bit,



Pls fix it fast.


Same issue here v0.9.0.128.g3134f863 on Windows 8 x64.

My C:\ drive is also an SSD drive.


Hi guys,


The same for me here... my drive drive is an SSD also and the emplacement is always reset.


Hope you'll find the time to fix it 🙂


See you



Same here on WIndows 64bit. I only have a small SSD hard drive on my C:, I want offline files to be stored elsewhere!!!


Experiencing exactly this issue,


Win7 / x64 - up to date 


Spotify Desktop