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[Desktop] Version 0.9.0 resets the cache location to default

Status: Fixed

Thread: 364532

Status: Resolved


Since update 0.9.0 the cache location resets every time you exit the app.
This has two side effects:
Any content you had downloaded before 0.9.0 is gone
Any users with a small primary hard disk are unable to download tracks

Additional information:



You can now download the latest version from; this will resolve this bug.



We have started rolling out version to users and can confirm this bug is resolved.

If you don't have this latest version yet, do not worry. It will reach everyone soon.


Pro tip: log out and in of the Spotify app around the time of a new release; sometimes this triggers an update.


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Same here Win 8 64bit. Please fix this ASAP.


Also have same problem. And that's why i can't use any offline lists, when i close spotify app, cache location reset and my offline lists are withdrawn..


Please, fix it ASAP!

Win7 64bit / Spotify


I have described a solution to this issue in a seperate post.

However due to the obvious need for a fix to this solution, I have desides to post the basic steps to the solution here. If you want to read the entire guide, please visit the link above.

Quick note: This is a Windows Vista, 7, and 8 guide only, the commands are different on XP, Mac, and Linux.


Step 1: Close Spotify and double check via task manager that the executable is not running.

Step 2: Copy the contents of the storage folder to another location**, as we will be deleting the storage folder

Step 3: Delete the default storage folder.


Step 4: Open command prompt as an administrator.***

Step 5: Paste, but do not execute, the following command into the command prompt window that was opened in step 3.

mklink /d "C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage" "I:\Music\Spotify\Storage"
mklink /d "Default Location" "Preferred Location"

Step 6:  Before actually executing the command, double check that your paths have been entered correctly, otherwise the symbolic link will not work. To make it simple, the first set of quotes is the default location while the second set of quotes is where the data is to actually be stored.**** The locations that are already in place on the first command are the locations that I personally used with my system.

Step 7: Execute the command. The following text should appear:

symbolic link created for "Default location" <<===>> "Preferred location"

Step8: If you haven't already moved the contents of the default storage folder into the new location, then proceed to do that now. If so, proceed to step 9.

Step 9: Open Spotify and reselect the playlists as "available offline" and Spotify will automatically use the data that is stored in the new storage location.


*The default folder location in Windows 8 being C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage and the location being in the equivalent Application Data folder on Vista/7 as well.

**We will only be deleting the original storage folder location. The location you wish to keep the data in can be left alone as the symbolic link will simply point to this folder without having to modify it in any way. For this reason, you can copy the data to the new location at this time, if it isn't there already.

***To do this you must right click the cmd.exe that shows up when searching for cmd in windows quick search box or in the windows start menu on Windows 8. Then select Run as Administrator.

****Remember that when entering any information into the command prompt as a single parameter that uses spaces, such as "D:\My Music\Spotify data\Storage", it must be encased in quotation marks. I used the quotations in my commands due to the fact that it is simply a good habit to follow.


Hopefully this helps some people. I know it certainly works for me.


The above workaround is working for me.



If you cannot find the storage folder (because it is hidden), you can do the following:

- Open start menu (press windows key on keyboard)

- Enter %LocalAppData% in the search field

- Push enter


For the mklink this can also be used:

mklink /d "%LocalAppData%\Spotify\Storage" "I:\Music\Spotify\Storage"

It's working for me too, but now I have to download my "Offline Playlists" again.

But this doesn't matter, it's a great solution for this awful problem.

Thanks a lot!


same Problem here: Windows 7 SP1 32 bit Home Premium Spotify every time i start spotify: "Offline-Zugriff für diesen Computer/dieses Gerät wurde widerrufen." (german Version)


Same here.  Preferences says one thing: a directory on a separate local drive (FWIW, mapped to "F:"), reality is another (C: drive-based default).  And I get the "offline access has been withdrawn" message.


(Win 7, 64bit, Spotify)


same problem... C drive is SSD its almost full.. pls fix


I have this problem, if you remove the folder that you designate, my SO Windows 7 Pro. Spotify Premium, fix it please!


same issue here . win 7 64 bit.

sad that it hasn't been fixed yet. I basically pay for spotify free at the moment 😕