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[Desktop][Windows] Can't access auto-hidden taskbar when maximised

If the windows taskbar is set to auto-hide then maximizing the Spotify window makes it impossible to reveal the taskbar using the mouse (Win + T still works).


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set the Windows taskbar to auto-hide.
  2. Maximize the Spotify window.
  3. Move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen (or wherever the taskbar is docked).

Expected result:

    The taskbar is revealed on top of the Spotify window.


Actual result:

    The taskbar does not show at all.

In recent versions several folks are reporting this as fixed. We're going to close this thread now. Please post if you're still experiencing the issue. Thanks for the reports!


Whoops this issue is already raised here: (Not in bug section hence not seeing it).


My situation is exactly the same as the thread linked above (although it makes no difference whether I have one or two monitors connected).

Status changed to: Fixed

Can confirm this is an issue (Rock Star Escalation #896807). 


This problem emerged for me today after the latest update. Hugely annoying.


Also started showing with last update.


I have the taskbar set to auto-hide and it is docked to the left.


I have the same issue here- the taskbar won't show. I have it set to auto-hide docked on the bottom. This problem came with the newest update. SO ANNOYING!!!!


Hey guys, is anyone still having this issue with the latest Desktop update? If so please confirm the app version you have installed here, thanks!

Status changed to: Fixed

Hello Meredith!


I am still experiencing this issue. My desktop version is as follows:


Thank you for addressing this!

Yes it's still happenning. Thank you for looking into this.