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Desktop app doesn't scroll up when moving song to the top

Hey folks,


We have received reports that since a recent update, it's not possible to drag tracks upwards in a playlist on the desktop app if you want to manually rearrange them.


When reaching the edge of the current view, the playlist does not scroll up to allow the rearrangement. Scrolling down works.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




I have playlists that have 100-500 songs in them. Like whole discography of an artist. I know that all new songs are added to the end of the playlist. I always manually move the new songs to the top of the playlist so that the new release would show in the playlist thumbnail. Like indicating that the playlist has been updated. If the release is not on top the thumbnail remains the same. Previously it worked that I would drag the song upwards and it would scroll reasonably fast to the top. Now that function is gone. I have to manually drag the song to the top of the SCREEN, about 10 songs, then move the list upwards for 10 songs and then drag the song again. This takes really long time if the playlist has 500 songs. How could I move the songs to the top quickly?


Please don´t say that you can arrange the songs by date. I want everybody to see that there are new songs and I don´t want to change the structure of the playlist which has been done in a certain order. This is why the new song has to be on top. Please don't suggest arranging by date.


Plan Premium

Country Finland

Device Desktop computer, Laptop, Samsung Galaxy J3

Operating System Windows 10, Android

My Question or Issue Moving songs



Not solved I'm afraid


One half solution is to copy paste the playlist in a web browser. then you can move tracks upwards.


I also have this problem. 

Device/OS: Laptop/Windows 10

Spotify version: Spotify for Windows


While you're at it Spotify, can you actually create a decent interface for managing songs in a large playlist? Like make the scrolling faster, and provide one-click context menu buttons that move a selection to the top or bottom of a playlist. Can't believe it's been so many years and this still isn't a thing. 


Previously it was possible to move a song by dragging and then it scrolled reasonably fast downwards and upwards. I have to add now that it is still possible to move with drag and scroll downwards but the same is not working upwards. One day the function was just gone. There just appears a small circle with a line through the circle. Like it's forbidden.


Confirmed happening for me:

Spotify for macOS (Intel)




How long does it take to roll out? I'm in the UK and nothing so far. What part of the world are you in, if you don't mind me asking? 🤔


I'm having the same problem. Some of my playlists are 80-90 hours long and when I'm adding new tracks that I want to place them in right order, takes very long time. I tried the web version, where the scrolling problem doesn't occur, but I can only move one track at a time, which is annoying. Hope this will be fixed soon.


Windows 10

Edit: I would like to see some cut/paste function, so you could move tracks more easily. Even the scrolling function can be pretty time consuming.


Still having the same issue.


I don't know if you are already doing something like this,

but if you want to move a bunch of songs up, select all the songs you want to move.

Then scroll up to the spot you want them and press ctrl to select one extra song you want them under.

then drag that extra song (until you see that green line)

and it should say (X items, the number of songs you want to move)

let go and everything should where you want it to be.