[Desktop] "Can't Play Current Track" Error on Free

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"Can't play current track" error being displayed on Spotify Free accounts due to HQ streaming not being automatically disabled in v0.9.14.13.


To reproduce:

  1. Drop from Spotify Premium to Free with HQ streaming enabled in the desktop client.
  2. In v0.9.14.13 the option will not be unselected automtically which prevents playback as you are no longer using a Premium account. 


Untick "High Quality Streaming" in Edit/Spotify > Preferences > Playback and then fully restart Spotify (Windows: File > Exit | Mac: Spotify > Quit Spotify).


Additional information:



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Hey everyone! This issue was fixed with the release of the Desktop update 1.0.0. If you're having any other issues please post in the Desktop Help board, thanks!

Status: Fixed

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Thank you for this post. Worked like a charm, disableing High Quality Streaming.


this is a seriously annoying bug.


I almost quit using spotify. 


same thing. used to pay, I stopped paying, (perhaps temporarily) and then it kept saying "can't play the current track" but if i double click the song a couple times it would work. 


so annoying


Thanks, hope thay fix this bug.