[Desktop] "Can't Play Current Track" Error on Free

Status: Fixed

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"Can't play current track" error being displayed on Spotify Free accounts due to HQ streaming not being automatically disabled in v0.9.14.13.


To reproduce:

  1. Drop from Spotify Premium to Free with HQ streaming enabled in the desktop client.
  2. In v0.9.14.13 the option will not be unselected automtically which prevents playback as you are no longer using a Premium account. 


Untick "High Quality Streaming" in Edit/Spotify > Preferences > Playback and then fully restart Spotify (Windows: File > Exit | Mac: Spotify > Quit Spotify).


Additional information:



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Hey everyone! This issue was fixed with the release of the Desktop update 1.0.0. If you're having any other issues please post in the Desktop Help board, thanks!




Getting the same error on my iPad client now!

Well, I'm a Premium user with valid account and I'm having the same issue. 😞


Workaround does not work with Spotify Unlimited. High Quality Streaming option is not available, yet bug still occurs - see here: http://i.imgur.com/NM4XDyM.jpg.


Seriously annoying that the player won't simply skip the unplayable track, maybe with an info pop-up like the new version pop-up, and move on to the next playable track. It's 2014 and we're using computers, not LP record players.


This has so far been an isolated incident, but if it keeps happening it's going to render the service unusable.


If you guys are getting this error on Unlimited or Premium and are located from reports in Scandinavia, Denmark or Germany then it looks like there might be some sort of service issue going on from over on this topic:



I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the time change (return to standard time) that took place last weekend?


When a bug in confirmed, you really should search the forum for threads that match the bug and close them, rename that thread to let people know a bug has been confirmed, or at least write a note in them that the bug has been confirmed!

Are you doing any of this?


Also, the thread "[Windows] Troubleshooting Spotify" does not mention this issue.



Resolvido!! Obrigado 


thanks 🙂


@wufei - It is on my to-do list when I open a bugs topic if I have time to close the referencing topics. Searching and closing every topic created about a bug and updating the stickies daily is just not feasible in terms of time I'm afraid. 


thank you very much for this, I do almost quit using spotify!