[Desktop] "Can't Play Current Track" Error on Free

Status: Fixed

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"Can't play current track" error being displayed on Spotify Free accounts due to HQ streaming not being automatically disabled in v0.9.14.13.


To reproduce:

  1. Drop from Spotify Premium to Free with HQ streaming enabled in the desktop client.
  2. In v0.9.14.13 the option will not be unselected automtically which prevents playback as you are no longer using a Premium account. 


Untick "High Quality Streaming" in Edit/Spotify > Preferences > Playback and then fully restart Spotify (Windows: File > Exit | Mac: Spotify > Quit Spotify).


Additional information:



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Hey everyone! This issue was fixed with the release of the Desktop update 1.0.0. If you're having any other issues please post in the Desktop Help board, thanks!


Downgrade to


The bug is in the updated version

No need to turning off the High Quality opt.


If you are on Spotify Free and have HQ streaming selected, you still won't receive HQ tracks as far as I am aware. I did raise this issue previously and the response from Spotify was up until this release it was just a graphical error. 


Thank you Peter!!!! Grazie!




My Premium subscription just ended after 2 years, and what I came back to was every song failing to play with the error message "Can't play the current track."


Clicking the track again works after trying to start playback 1-5 times usually.


What I don't get though, even though this is reported both in the community and reported as a bug to spotify, there's no search answer for "Can't play the current track." on the main site. Every other "common" question/answer pops up, and I didn't even find a way to report a bug...


Next step for me is ofc checking the quality setting in options, but I shouldn't have to spend half an hour to do that when the error message is very clear. Searching for error messages/codes should yield results regardless of wether someone put in a bug request or not. At the very least, it should explain how the error occurs (connection, subscription, other technical...) and say something about what to do if experienced.


Yes, I intend to renew my subscription, but I really dislike the technical part of the support pages.


Oh, and it seems nothing has happened to the volume settings of commercials since I reported it before becoming premium... Still twice as loud as the song I was listening to... Made me wonder if it was safe using spotify at all before I resubscribe...




I've seen a "solution" in the ideas section ( but my question is: when a bug is submitted in this section of the community, will someone take care of it and there's no need to open a "new idea"?


Yes, anything that is an open bug does not need an idea to suggest a fix for it. 😉 




I'm on Premium and getting "Can't play the current track." on random tracks. I have unticked "High Quality Streaming" and restarted Spotify as described above but I'm still getting the error. I have also disabled "Enable hardware




I have also disabled "Enable hardware acceleration". I saw this suggestion in another thread. It did not help. So the bug is not just for free accounts but also for Premium users.


Should I downgrade to an earlier version to fix this?


Try re-installing the current version:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify


The error message is also associated with corrupted cache files. 


Having the exact same problems.

Premium account.

Tried all of the tricks above including reinstallning the client and deleting all the old cache files but still getting this annoying error.

Env: prod