[Desktop] "Create similar playlist" isn't working

Hey folks,


We're seeing reports that the function to create similar playlists on Desktop isn't working. The new playlist isn't generated and no error message is shown. We've just merged a few threads together to keep you all in the loop. 


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Hi everyone,


Thanks for reporting this to us!


We've passed all your info on to the right team and they're looking into it. If you're experiencing this, we'd first recommend deleting and reinstalling the Spotify app and trying a different account on the same device (You can create a new free account or ask a friend or family member to log in on your device).


Should the issue persists, let us know by adding your +VOTE and the following details in a comment below:

  • Your device and its OS version
  • Exact Spotify version
  • Does it work with a different account?

We'll be keeping an eye out for your replies, thanks!

Status: Under investigation

 Hello, today I've noticed that the issue is fixed. Great news! Thank you.




I'm hoping I can still post on this thread since unfortunately this issue has not been solved for me either, even though I've followed through with every step.


Both right-clicking the playlist name on the left-hand side -> Create Similar Playlist/left-clicking the three dots on the playlist -> Create Similar Playlist does not have any form of response. I asked my friend to see if hers was working on her computer at all and she also said no. The last time I used the Create Similar Playlist option successfully was approximately a month ago.


I am currently using Spotify version


Is there anyone else still having this problem? This is the most recent thread I could find about this exact issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hey @EkkiBrekki,


Thanks for your post.

Could you run us through what troubleshooting you've done so far, so we know what to suggest next?




Hey Alex!


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!


Here's all of the troubleshooting and suggestions I've gone through so far:

  • Tried using a mobile hotspot instead of Wi-Fi
  • Clean reinstalling Spotify through both website and the Microsoft Store and checking for updates. I followed these steps and am currently using the Microsoft Store version
  • Using my account on another device (friend's desktop) and still no response
  • Using another account on my device (friend's account), same result

Once again, current version is still


I've also attached a video of myself selecting 'Create Similar Playlist' using both ways to access the option just so you can see what I'm seeing.




Hi @EkkiBrekki,


Thanks for your reply and the extra info.


Just to confirm, does this only happen with one or some playlists in particular, or with any of them? Also, could you send us the link/URI of the playlist or a couple of playlists that are affected?


Keep us posted.




I've just gone through my playlists again on the left-hand side just to be sure and all of them are affected. Even when I create a brand new playlist, add some random songs and select the option, it still does not work. I've sent though some links to a couple of my playlists through private message since the links were messing up on the reply thread.


Thanks again for replying!


Hey @EkkiBrekki,

Thanks for the reply.


Could you try to create a new free account for test purposes and check if everything works as expected on that one. This will help us determine if the issue is account related.




Hey Alex,


I just created another account with a different email, made a new playlist with 5 songs and still no luck. Profile is here.

If that means it's not account related, could it have to do with the version I'm using? Is there a way to revert back to a previous version of Spotify? As I said before, 'Create Similar Playlist' was working around a month ago so maybe something was updated that's causing the issue.




Plan - Premium

Country - India

Device - MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019)

OS - macOS Big Sur v11.3.1

Spotify -


My Question or Issue

I've been trying to create similar playlists based off the ones I've created but it doesn't seem to be working. Nothing happens after clicking the three dots next to the playlist and selecting the option. I've also done a clean reinstall of Spotify but the issue seems to be persisting. Would be great if someone can please out!


Hi there @EkkiBrekki,


Thank you for your reply and confirmation.

This is now reported to the right team. We've passed your information to them as well.



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