Device not appearing on PC

My Marantz NA 11S1 does not appear as a device when I open Spotify on my PC, it does appear as a device on my iPhone 6.  I can access Spotify directly from my NA  11S1.  The NA-11S1 can access my music library on my PC.  I have Roon and can send music to the NA-11S1 from my PC using Roon.  What needs to be done for the Spotify on my PC to see the NA-11S1?


btw:  Spotify's Idea statistics aren't all that impressive when unresolved posts are deleted after a week of inactivity which is apt to happen during vacations and/or snow storms, as happened with the original posting of this issue, ooops I mean "idea".

Hey @degnanje!


We're closing this thread as we didn’t receive an answer from you. If you're still having the same issue, just give us a shout.


All the best :)

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