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Difficulties with payments and purchases in Nigeria

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports that some of our users in Nigeria are experiencing difficulties with their payments.

Hey everyone,

We've been regularly checking the status of this with the right folks, and we have an update.


Verve is now a viable payment option in this region. If this is available to you, we recommend trying to add this to your account. If Verve isn’t an option to you, then we’d suggest posting in our Subscriptions help board. From there, we’ll see if there's anything else we can suggest that best supports you.



Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this issue to us, we understand some of you are having difficulties paying for Premium.


This has been passed on and is being currently looked into.


For the time being, we recommend trying to make the payments using a different credit/debit card, if you have one.


If you don't or you’re experiencing this with all of your cards, we suggest to check the following:

  • contact your bank and make sure that your card is enabled for foreign transactions and payments in foreign currencies
  • use an incognito browser
  • switch to a different internet network
  • try activating your subscription on another device

If none of these steps help, make sure to click +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread to be notified of any developments.




Kindly look to the issue for us, i wouldn't want to loose my data on Spotify, it's my favorite music provider... Thank you. 


Still having issues with payments. Contacted my bank and was told a week ago that the transaction shows up as "pending" and they advised me to wait a while. Waited a while and now I have 4 days of premium left. 


I've tried different cards, tried paying in an incognito tab, nothing worked. My card works with Apple so it seems like a Spotify problem.


My bank has told me to "contact the merchant."


Hey @MuDibia and @Jerry-,


Hope things are great! Just wanted to quickly check if you are still having issues with this.


Keep me posted! 🙂


Have a good one,



Hello @Hubo,


Just saw your reply and thought to give it another shot. It worked! Payment went through, I’m back on premium. 

Thanks to you and the team for sorting it out and following up. 



Hey @MuDibia, thanks for keeping me updated!


Great to hear you're back rocking! If anything else pops up, feel free to create a new thread here. 🙂 For now... I hope you're having a...!


All the best,


  • I’ve been trying since June , still not working for me 

I've tried all suggested methods to make payment, none worked for me. all my cards are not working


You guys need to fix this , not using premium is annoying 


What bank cards are you guys using @Ovizz @ainaadeshina? Zenith is what I used before it stopped working and Zenith is what I tried again when @Hubo  replied to this thread. I know GTB will never work. 

I’ll observe and see if it still works when payment is due next month. 


Edit 4/8/21: Can confirm payment still works for me.