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Difficulties with payments and purchases in Nigeria

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports that some of our users in Nigeria are experiencing difficulties with their payments.

Hey everyone,

We've been regularly checking the status of this with the right folks, and we have an update.


Verve is now a viable payment option in this region. If this is available to you, we recommend trying to add this to your account. If Verve isn’t an option to you, then we’d suggest posting in our Subscriptions help board. From there, we’ll see if there's anything else we can suggest that best supports you.




@MuDibia  I’m using first bank , it worked for me in  April then it stopped working , I’ve been trying again since May


Renewing my spotify subscription in Nigeria has been a real pain in the ass. A real struggle for months now and the payment keeps declining. Please help !!!!

Status changed to: Not Right Now

Hello everyone,


This thread has been open for a while now and we've checked the status on regular basis with the right folks.


As it stands, the payment issues seem to be intermittent and it's difficult to provide a timeline for a complete fix. As such, we'll be marking this as Not Right Now.


We know that this might not be the update you've been hoping for, but rest assured this doesn't mean we'll not continue to work on providing a good experience and improving the payments. It's just that this will take longer and be incremental, so a thread like this will not be a lot of help.


For anyone encountering these issues, our immediate tip would be to try a different payment method. If none of the available methods work for you, then please post in our Subscriptions help board and we'll happily check if there's anything else we can suggest to support you.


Take care!


Well, I’ve tried every possible solution suggested on here but none is working. I tried 4 different cards but same result. It’s really becoming annoying. It’s been over a week now since my subscription expired 😡 .. instead of just suggesting solutions, can you pls identify the real problem and provide a real workable solution to this challenge. How can this be going on for several months and yet you still don’t have a solution to it. I’ve been using Spotify for over 4 years even before you begin operating in Nigeria and at the point I might be forced to switch to other streaming service. The least of the issues your customers experience shouldn’t be payment issues. 😡 ahh


I have had the same issues for months, still not resolved. I tried different payment cards, made several visits to the bank and I still can't subscribe to the premium plan. This is rather getting embarrassing and annoying.


Guys, if you’re still having this issue of your card being rejected. Well, just got a breakthrough this evening. Download GoMoney banking app, set up your account. You’ll be given a virtual card for free. Transfer some fund in there and use the virtual card for your Spotify premium payment. I just did a 6months subscription, I wish I had gone for the 12 months. Too bad I have to download over 20GB of my music library again. 


Usually spotify renews my premium payment automatically, most times I just get their email and it gets renewed but I noticed that last month they were unable to renew it. I finally got opted out and now I'm trying to pay to renew it, it just loads it's been doing this on all my devices for months. I even got the students plan, its still doing the same thing.  I don't even get to choose a payment method. Its tiring. I just want to listen to music again.😭


Guys guys!!


Go Money Digital Bank is the Answer!!


If you reside in Nigeria and pay in Naira, use Go Money virtual master card. It works 100%


1st, you have to sign up and sh*t which will take a while to complete but their virtual cards work on Spotify.


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Tired of your damn apps rejecting all my cards …  this sucks ,,, do something to this  it’s frustrating 


Your damn app not accepting all payments with my different cards…. This sucks  do something to this