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Difficulties with payments and purchases in Nigeria

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports that some of our users in Nigeria are experiencing difficulties with their payments.

Hey everyone,

We've been regularly checking the status of this with the right folks, and we have an update.


Verve is now a viable payment option in this region. If this is available to you, we recommend trying to add this to your account. If Verve isn’t an option to you, then we’d suggest posting in our Subscriptions help board. From there, we’ll see if there's anything else we can suggest that best supports you.




I am having problems subscribing to my Spotify account. I used an Access bank ATM card at opening the account but it is now ineffectual in paying for my premium account. Please, I need help ASAP as I do not want to lose my offline downloads.



I been trying to sign in for the last year to no luck. I have tried with all my cards and they do not work with spotify. I really do not want to waste all my data on spotify even though it is my preferred music streaming service. I know mhy card works cause i just paid for office 365 just 20 mins before i tried to pay for spotify.

Please i need help.


My Zenith and Access Visa (Naira) cards have worked, and continue to work. Apart from that, not sure what else to add. 


Thanks for the advice but i only have Ecobank and GT Bank, don't think it is worth it to open a new bank account just to subscribe to spotify honestly. Isn't there anything spotify themselves could do to help fix this situation? 





Did you read the previous post on here? Cause I posted an update on how I was able to subscribe with GoMoney virtual card. Download GoMoney App and setup the online bank account. You’ll be given a free virtual card upon completion. You can use the card for your subscription payment. 

The problem isn’t wit Spotify.. more wit the CBN and crazy Nigerian banks. 


Hello Again,


The gomoney app worked like a charm. Was able to subscribe for the service.


Advice Download GoMoney Digital App, Works very well.


Thanks @Femzy 


@Femzy @mszub thank you, guys!!!! I have been trying to pay for Spotify premium since they came to Naija (after years of begging and paying in £ became a nightmare with the exchange rates). I tried Kuda, Zenith, GTB, Access, UBA; no luck. I was about to try First Bank when I found this discussion.


I tried GoMoney and it worked!! It worked!! My joy knows no bounds. Spotify is like a drug for me. The unavailability of Premium was starting to feel like a terminal illness.


God bless you both! I am broadcasting to all I know (started already).


Hi have been trying to subscribe to premium for a while now and all my cards are not accepted… I dont know how this problem can be solved..I enjoy listening to music from Spotify…I would be glad if a solution is provided thanks 


My UBA card which was always charged for monthly subscriptions stopped working this month and now I'm back to free. This sucks.


@74ideo9tg5l9i7smw0mk @Chinaza hi guys. The solution to your problem:

  1. Create a GoMoney account (download the app on your app store).
  2. Verify your account (KYC).
  3. Create a virtual card.
  4. Fund the virtual card by transferring money to your GoMoney account.
  5. Add it to your Spotify account and pay for Premium.