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Difficulties with payments and purchases in Nigeria

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports that some of our users in Nigeria are experiencing difficulties with their payments.

Hey everyone,

We've been regularly checking the status of this with the right folks, and we have an update.


Verve is now a viable payment option in this region. If this is available to you, we recommend trying to add this to your account. If Verve isn’t an option to you, then we’d suggest posting in our Subscriptions help board. From there, we’ll see if there's anything else we can suggest that best supports you.




same exact thing happened to me yesterday, started hearing ads and was confused. all my regular payment cards which normally work did not work

I have gotten gomoney virtual cards but still having problems...or what is
the amount charged by gomoney itself

I’m having same ugly experience.

However, it’s not peculiar to Spotify alone. 

There’s restrictions in Nigeria on all international transactions due to scarcity of the US Dollar.

My international annual subscription payment was declined recently and you can’t buy any item online which requires international payment.


Hello, I’ve been trying to renew my premium account for weeks now. It’s proving abortive. I’ve tried all the suggestions. None is working. I’m fed up already. Please help 


I am still unable to pay for the premium subscription.








(iPhone X)




Operating System

(iOS 15)


My Question or Issue

Have been trying to subscribe to premium from sport free that have been on since,it shows am to use one month free trial first before the payment for premium starts…I selected BUY NOW but it just keeps loading since,with nothing coming up or to next page


I'm having issue of failed payment with my premium subscription and tried different card still the same tried using incognito same thing 


I basically tried all my bank credit cards and none of the purchase worked for my premium account after months of using. Thou it has been on auto payment but right now I'm back to free which is quite annoying to use. Please Spotify look into this issue and fix ASAP


Once I move to another provider of this your service, never coming back. Every month, I have to go through the stress of looking for cards to use to pay for subscription. This is ridiculous in every way. If a service can't be integrated to function properly in a country, I don't see any reason why that service should be rendered/provided in that country. Before you start playing me confusing ads, I'm sure I would have deactivated my account.


It's really unfortunate that Nigerian users have to go through this. After trying everything I've been forced to switch back to Deezer. My payment was accepted without issue and I'm in the process of transferring my music from Spotify as we speak.