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Discover Weekly playlist not accessible

We've received reports from users having trouble opening their Discover Weekly. This appears to be happening across all platforms (Android, iOS, desktop, and the Web Player).


This is currently being investigated.

Hey folks!

We did some changes backstage and Discover Weekly should be up and running for everyone again!
Please make sure your app is up to date.

Let us know if you continue to experience issues with this feature & thank you for your patience 🙂







iPhone 13 mini

Operating System

iOS 16.0.3


My Question or Issue

The discover weekly section disappeared from my library.


Hi @AnatMEOW, thanks for writing.


Is there anything else missing on your account? Can you see your Release Radar playlist?


If you type "discover weekly" on the Search tab, can you find it?


The Release Radar playlist also disappeared.. I’m uncertain if there’s anything else because that’s the main one I was using.. and yes, when I search them they do appear.

Is there an option to make them appear on the Home Screen?


I appreciate your help, thank you!


Hey @AnatMEOW,


That's odd. Are you sure you're logged in the correct account? Could you try using another device to see if you can find it?


Also, logging out and then back in might help, as well as reinstalling the app.


Hope it helps!

Discover weekly disappeared from my playlists. I can manually find it, but when it tries to load up the playlist it endless loads and shows a blank playlist. I have tried logging out and everything with no luck.

Hey @Ale2727 


Is your Discover Weekly the only playlist yo can't find?

Some Samsung users have been reporting disappearance of playlists in this thread .
Perhaps you can check if your issue isn't related to that and we'll see what comes next.


Stay in touch and take care 😄








Mobile/Web/OS X



My Question or Issue


I can't access my Discover Weekly playlist anymore - it still appears in the playlists and on my home page but when I click on it, it says it 'couldn't find that playlist' (desktop) or 'playlist has been deleted' (phone). Any ideas how I can get this back?


I am not in Russia and am having a similar issue on Windows. The "Discover Weekly" playlist fails to load. There are three dots for "loading" and then after some time, it says "Couldn't find that playlist":



I first noticed the problem Sunday around 9PM PST when I tried to access the "Discover Weekly" playlist and it failed as above. I've tried logging out and logging back in (this is the only computer/phone where I use Spotify) and it doesn't help.


UPDATE: Same problem using the web client. Looks like the playlist / playlist URL got broken in some way.


Having a similar issue on Windows which is my only Spotify device. I can see the "Discover Weekly" playlist in the "made for me" section of the home page, but when I click on it, it doesn't load. There are three dots for a while and then the below screen shows up:


I've tried logging out and back in. I've deleted the cache. Neither helped. FWIW, "Release Radar" seems to be working.


Any ideas?


UPDATE: Same problem using the web client. Looks like the playlist / playlist URL got broken in some way. Also, I am not in Russia, but I am in California which also ends in "ia". I hope this is not causing the problem... 😂


Hey @AbsolutelyNoFB,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Are you able to open the Discover Weekly playlists of someone else?


Could you share a link to your Discover Weekly so we can check it out?


In the meantime try using a different internet network.


Keep us posted,