Discover Weekly playlist won't update sometimes

Hi 🙂


I am just wondering why my Discover Weekly playlist won't update this week. In the last weeks it worked very well. But this Monday nothing has changed. At which time of day the script is running (German time in my case)?


Some other users on Facebook  are reporting the same issue.


Thanks for the support 🙂



Status: Fixed

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Casual Listener

Just wanted to note that this is happening to me again this morning too (USA)


EDIT: Just showed up for me.


Did not Update today. Whats happening?

Live in Norway

Same here. UK

Casual Listener

Same for me again, I'm in Sweden.

Hopefully it will show up soon!

Stil not updated. Whats happening?
Gig Goer
bump - same here! c'mon spotify, desktop player is broke and discover weekly not updated again on a Monday morning.... are you trying to get us to try apple or something?
Casual Listener

Bump... I am on CET, no update this morning. Running spotify on ios9, latest update. Logged out and in, background refresh option enabled for the spotify app. Grrr...i,miss my monday morning new music thrill


Same problem here, 07:00 Central. 😞


Update 2:00p CT: Ok, i see now that my discover weekly has new songs now. From the desktop player, it shows they were "added" 6 hours ago.  That means the list was likely updated at 08:00 CT.  Eh, i would prefer to get my new batch of songs earlier in the morning (for the morning run and then commute into work).  I used to look forward to Mondays!

Casual Listener

It has updated just now!


Gig Goer

yes updated about an hour or so ago! 🙂 Already playing.... 😉