Discover weekly not updating/repeats of the week before

Status: Fixed



I started to notice that my discover weekly playlist started to repeat some songs. Thought that's OK, until this week, when even each song is marked as updated on Monday, but the list is 100% the same as last week. So it is not updated.

I tried it on Android, desktop and web version with the same result. Tried unfollowing and following again, not helping.


Hey all, 

This should be fixed now. As of today, you should be seeing a fresh Discover Weekly.

Let us know if you're still having any hiccups, and we'll continue to help out. Otherwise, happy listening!






I've just found the same problem for this weeks Discover weekly. 30/30 the same as last week yet it says that it has updated.

thundro's 2017.  We pay you a lot of money.  You should have this fixed by now.


Update on this week:


My Discover weekly is (a little bit) different this week.

I still see at lest 3-4 songs repeating from last one. 


Looks like I've reached convergence in my favourites function 🙂


I came to lodge the same comment - but just noticed that *some* of the tracks are the same as last week, but not all.


Below are the first ten tracks, and an indicator if they were in last weeks discovery weekly. I'm using scrobbles to confirm what I've listened to, as this data isn't available out of Spotify


  1. Claerwen - Toby Hay - Repeat
  2. God in Chicago - Craig FinnRepeat
  3. The World Laughs - She-Devils - not sure ( not showing data)
  4. You've Got a Woman - WhitneyRepeat
  5. No Coffee - Amber Coffman - not sure (I didn't listen to this song long enough to scrobble...
  6. New Song (Soulwax Remix) - WarpaintRepeat
  7. Rush - Jay SomRepeat
  8. Barbary Coast (Later) - Conor OberstRepeat
  9. Be OK - Deep Throat Choir Repeat
  10. Daylight - Shadow Band - Repeat

Having the same problem. This is the third week my playlist is the same. Have tried all methods to get this to reset to no avail.


Try restarting spotify, I have noticed this happening for a few motnhs now. A restart seems to refresh the UI.



I'm having the same problem, as i stated in another thread. And the same occurs for a friend of mine. Basically, Discover Weekly gives me little discoveries, and a ton of repeats. It's still a great feature, but it's less interesting when you get exactly the same tracks as the week before.

For example, this weekend I listened to the whole Talaboman album, The Night Land, and got the exact same track proposed last week and this week : Safe Changes.

Out of 30 tracks :

– 19 are from artists I already know. DW is supposed to give me 3 or 4 out of these to make me feel "comfortable". 19 is too much, sorry.

– 8 tracks are the exact same as last week :

  • Khlever – Lower Spectrum
  • Safe Changes – Talaboman
  • Inside your garden at night – Zelienople
  • And so it Begins – Funki Porcini
  • Celeste – Bicep
  • Waves – Tourist
  • Tropical Hands – Dorian Concept
  • Teach me how to Fight – Junior Boys

– This adds up to the 3 artists that are common to both weeks, with different tracks though.


I know it's a tough job to satisfy our greed for new discoveries. But it's clearly not complicated to implement a function that would simply ignore the tracks that have already been played the week before. There are more than 40 millions of tracks on Spotify, don't tell me it's that easy to reach Spotify's limits.





Same problem for both me and my wife. Several songs have carried over for 3 weeks now. 


My details:

- Device - Macbook Pro

- OS - 10.10.5

- Version of Spotify -


Also, could you try the below? (if you've not already)..
- Log out/in - Didn't work

- Reinstall the app - Didn't work

- Unfollow your DW playlist, and then follow it again under Browse > Discover - Didn't work

- Don't use Private Listening when streaming for a while - Not set this way

- Add your fav songs to Your Music/playlists - Didn't work


Also should note that the Discover Weekly image hasn't updated when I changed my fb profile picture. It seems to be since then that this hasn't been updating.



Just to add to this, I've noticed the same thing over the past few weeks. In particular, the first five songs on my discover weekly playlist as of this week have been on there for the two previous weeks as well. When this happened last week I thought it might just have been a fluke, since the first five songs had been on the week before but not in that order - it was just a random selection of the songs from the previous week's playlist. This week however it is literally the same first five songs in the same order as last week 😞


This persists when restarting the client, and the playlist is the same across many versions of the app (macOS, iOS, Windows)