Discover weekly not updating/repeats of the week before



I started to notice that my discover weekly playlist started to repeat some songs. Thought that's OK, until this week, when even each song is marked as updated on Monday, but the list is 100% the same as last week. So it is not updated.

I tried it on Android, desktop and web version with the same result. Tried unfollowing and following again, not helping.


Hey all, 

This should be fixed now. As of today, you should be seeing a fresh Discover Weekly.

Let us know if you're still having any hiccups, and we'll continue to help out. Otherwise, happy listening!






If it's related to this still-ongoing thread that Spotify was quick to ignore:

...then probably don't expect anything to come out of reporting it, aside from Spotify classifying it as a feature rather than a bug. I gave up on discover weekly many months ago.


I am having this issue also. My Discover Weekly playlist has not updated in several weeks. 



 I think rootcause of this will be that one of the Desktop Client still holds the playlist in the cache. 
I end up with same issue as I didn't turn off the work computer where I have spotify installed for past week.

So it seems from my side that till all of the instances opened for one account are reconnected after update, playlist will stay same.

OS version: Win 10 Pro x64
Spotify version

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Same problem 3 weeks running now.

As a premium subscriber for whom Discovery Weekly is the singular feature I use on a regular basis - this is critical.


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I'm in the same boat. I think it's been the same for 3 weeks now 😞


Same issue here. DW used to be my favorite part of Monday morning! Please fix your algorithm and bring back the old DW weekly. I never had any repeat songs until a few weeks ago, and now every week there are fewer and fewer new songs. I don't want 'Rediscover Weekly'!


Would love this to get sorted out soon! Discover Weekly is a great feature and I constantly save the songs I like. Now it's just filled with songs I don't. It's incredibly dissapointing to throw on a Monday playlist I'm expecting to be awesome and have it just be....awful. It makes Monday's worse instead of better.


Sadly I have to admit this problem has reached my Weekly Discover as well.
Two people follow my playlist (me and my friend follow each other's DW's), I do follow my own DW as well and I save good bits to my other playlists.
I use mostly the web player. If re-following helped, I'll tell.

I hope it will be fixed soon, this feature is responsible for introducing me to Amon Tobin and many more, and I love that feature a lot.


Also having this issue. Is there a fix? Thanks!