Does not play after an ad.

Device: Desktop


Operating System Version: Windows 10


Spotify Version:


Description: Spotify plays the ad then the next track does not play. Message is "The selected song will be played after the ad" It seem like the client does not recognise when the ad has ended.


To reproduce:

  1. Step 1 start playing tracks in playlist until ad comes along
  2. Step 2 listen to ad
  3. ... Silence

Workaround: I have tried reinstalling the client.  Closing the client and reopening allows me to play tracks until the next ad comes along.



Additional information: none




It's an ongoing issue that's currently under investigation

there is a POSSIBLE TEMPORARY WORK-AROUND that works for some users and may work for you


1. Shut down & re-start spotify
2. Left click / select the "Browse" option at the top of the main menu
3. Left click / select the "CHARTS" tab on the main spotify screen
4. Left click / select the UK top 50 (or any other) playlist
5. Start the playlist and let it play for a few seconds
6. Select one of your own playlists and start to play it
7. Let any adverts play un-interupted

You can follow the search for the solution here


I had the same problem yesterday. After shutting down and restarting Spotify THREE times I gave up and went to watch TV - and I'm really quite a patient person. Even after restarting, Spotify still thought the ad was still running.


None of the suggested solutions would have worked even if had seen them. Spotify was completely unresponsive.


People... please don't lecture me about subscibing. I'm one of the many who would happily subscribe to Unlimited if it hadn't been removed. Their fault, not mine, that I don't have that option.


Update: This happened again the following evening. Tried restarting once only before giving up and switching to Bandcamp.


me too , jammed all last night , done the same again today. Plays some tracks on the free Spotify version  - one advert, then bungholei, nothing, try to select another track to get it going again but message appears at the top of spotify in a blue banner  " The selected song will be played after the ad" . Cept the ad never comes!  Any explanation/ remedy  will be welcomed and given a banana.

Status changed to: Closed

Spotify is behaving itself today. 




It looks as if this has been fixed. No further problems. Thanks to those responsible for sorting it out. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays fixed.


It feels good to be able to post something positive for a change.


 I have the same issue.
What is the result of the investigation within a month?


I am also having this issue, have been since about december 2015, across a few different versions of Spotify.

Currently running on version (free) with Windows 7 and still it freezes halfway through every ad. I can close and re-open Spotify, play a few songs, then it freezes during an ad again and I repeat. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing with no change.


Interestingly, I had left Spotify open while searching the Spotify community pages for this issue and Spotify has decided to start playing again... I'd say about a 10-12 minute period paused on the ad. TBH I would rather restart than wait in silence for 10 minutes every time it freezes.


 Spotify says "The selected song will be played after the ad" even though there's no ad playing. Clicking other songs/playlists don't work, and while the history is there, the queue is empty. 😧


Hey guys! 


This should be fixed on our latest update. If the issue persists after the update, can you let us know the operating system and version of Spotify, what specific ads it's happening with, date and time as possible.


We'll continue to look into this.