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Does not play after an ad.

Device: Desktop


Operating System Version: Windows 10


Spotify Version:


Description: Spotify plays the ad then the next track does not play. Message is "The selected song will be played after the ad" It seem like the client does not recognise when the ad has ended.


To reproduce:

  1. Step 1 start playing tracks in playlist until ad comes along
  2. Step 2 listen to ad
  3. ... Silence

Workaround: I have tried reinstalling the client.  Closing the client and reopening allows me to play tracks until the next ad comes along.



Additional information: none




Hey guys!

Just to make sure, are you still having this issue?

Keep us posted 🙂




We're closing this for now, as we didn't hear back from you.


But in case you keep on having this issue, don't hesitate on contacting us back 🙂

Status changed to: Closed
I didnt get any notification alert? This issue is still occurring.

It is working fine for me now.


Many thanks for investigating and fixing.


Still occuring, plays song, runs ad, freezes.  This problem has been going on for years. wtf?  Seems like you would have figured it out by now. . .


This is happening to me today: 'The selected song will play after the ad'.No ad. Can't play any song on any playlist. Same message pops up. Was OK previously for about 3 hours prior, then abruptly stopped playing a song. Then the message...  Spotify version: Window 10.


This has happened to me off and on, most recently this week. I'm on on Mac OS 10.11.


I'm on a Mac and this is happening to me as well. Just started about a week ago to be like this.


I'm also having this issue. Twice tonight (between 6 and 7pm AEST) my playlist has stopped playing before an ad (different ads both times, once with an ANZ ad and once with a Spotify Premium ad), and even though I can play the ads through (they don't start automatically) my playlist won't start up again afterwards, and still says that my selected song will be played after the ad plays. I'm on a PC