Don't Automatically Start a Radio Station After an Album/Playlist is done playing

In a recent change, when an album or playlist is done playing a radio station based on it automatically starts playing. This isn't optimal because often times I want to listen to a new album all the way through without having to stare at my phone to make sure its still the same artist playing. 


This annoyance is doubled by the fact that on your recent activity page, you cannot hide Radio stations from the list like you can with other items. 


The app shouldn't pick something for me to listen to that I didn't want in the first place, and I shouldn't have to stare at it forever with no way to get rid of it. 


I pay for spotify instead of services like pandora because I want to listen to the music that I choose to listen to, not the music a computer thinks I want to listen to.

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Is there anyway to disable this feature? Toggling "AutoPlay" off doesn't appear to work.


I have the same issue. How do I remove this annoying "feature" when I'm out training I want my playlist not some radio with songs that aren't good