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Don't have daily mix after a month of using Spotify

Status: Case Closed

I've been using Spotify a lot over the past month, but I still don't have daily mixes. I've been listening on the web player, but i have the desktop, ios, and android apps aswell. If anyone knows why I still have no daily mixes (on any devices) I'd like to know.

Hey everybody!


We're closing this thread as we haven't heard from you in a while. If you're still having the same issue, just give us a shout.


All the best 🙂

Status changed to: Need more info


Hi there, @goombites


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community for help. Could you please fill out the full Ongoing Issue template below? This is just so that we can give the best possible advice!




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Thread: Not sure how to answer this.

Description: I've been actively using Spotify for over a month now, and I don't have a daily mix on any devices. I've been almost exclusively the web player, if that makes any difference. I've also gone through all of the posts on this issue that I could find and trying those solutions out, but nothing has worked so far.

To reproduce: Not sure how to answer this, I just dont have a daily mix.

Devices: Desktop, iPod Touch 5G, Samsung Galaxy S7

Operating Systems: Windows, iOS and android

Spotify App versions: iOS: 8.4.17
android: armV7
Are you using Private Listening often?: Never


Thanks for the info @goombites!


Can you send us a screenshot from your desktop app where we can check where the Daily Mix feature should appear? (This should appear on the "Your Library" section).


We want to take a closer look. 


@JuanSebastian sure thing. NVIDIA Share_2017-09-07_12-02-29.png


Got it @goombites!


Can you let us know how often do you listen to music on any of your devices? Let's try doing a full reinstall just in case.


Keep us posted. 


@JuanSebastian I reinstalled, but there was no change.

I listen on the web player every day for hours, I listen on my phone/iPod every few days for about 30 mins, and I almost never use the desktop app.


Hey @goombites!


Can you try using someone else's account on your regular devices and let us know if you can see Daily Mix there? 


Keep us posted!


@William_13 I signed into my friend's account and there were 5 daily mixes. Then I signed back into my account and there were still none.


Hey @goombites!


Got it. Can you log in on a different device that you haven't used before? Since another device wouldn't have your account's cache, it might help loading the Daily Mixes. 


Let us know how it goes 🙂


@William_13 I logged in on a different computer, and there was still no daily mix.