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Downloading on Apple Watch stuck at first song

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports that some users are unable to download music for offline listening on their Apple Watches. The download is stuck on the first song and doesn't progress.


If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to add your +VOTE and follow the instructions in the Status Update below.


We'll be keeping everyone up to speed here, so make sure to Subscribe to this thread. 



Hi everyone,


Thank you for your inputs and patience so far.


We're setting this issue to Not Right Now as we're unable to provide an exact timeline for a fix at this moment. However, rest assured this will remain on our internal teams' radar and we'll check back in here with a new status when we have any new information to share.


In the meantime, make sure to always keep the app up to date.


Take care.


This is terrible. It’s been an issue for months and Spotify can’t fix it. Between 110 million for an **bleep** like joe rogan and continual bugs with the watch- this service is becoming a waste. I downgraded my rating in the App Store 


Since i put WatchOS8 on my watch yesterday this seems to be working much better. I tried 3 albums last night and all transferred without issues within 5mins each. 

Could just be because it was Wednesday, but come Monday maybe things will improve. 


I was finally able to get it to work on mine too - I removed / added / removed / added the app 3 separate times,   FINALLY I was able to download.   I also downloaded to the watch before I downloaded to the phone.    The app is very unstable.   I would think a company with he resources of Spotify that their apps would perform better.     I don't have access to OS8 yet,   hopefully that may improve things as you say.      Admittedly - I don't blame Spotify entirely for this - the Watch OS has bugs too - but the two apps together make for an unpleasant experience a lot of the time.    As a developer, I'd be embarrassed if my app performed as poorly as this one.  




I cannot stream from or download to my Apple Watch.


Streaming stopped working about 4 months ago without any apparent reason. No OS updates installed between the working state and not working one.

Downloads never worked for me.


I tried the suggested fixes in this thread (and other threads) but nothing worked for me.






Phone device

iPhone SE 2020

Phone Operating System

iOS 14.7.1

Watch Device

Apple Watch SE + LTE (A2356)

Watch Operating System

7.6.1 (18U70)

Spotify Version

A few days back it started working (nothing particular that I did). Both streaming and downloading. Downloading is a bit slower, but it works.

Hopefully you can make this working/stable for everyone and even improve it.

I hope I can start thinking of canceling my subscription to other music services and keep only Spotify active.


 Thank you!


Hi folks,


Thank you for your posts.


If your downloads are still getting stuck try the following: Keep the watch close enough to the phone during the downloads (ensuring a stable BT connection).
Note: The very first download is expected to take more time and stay in 'Downloading 1 of n' state for some time, but if the watch is connected to the phone and the network connection is stable, it should start progressing after a while.


Let us know if that helps.




Same problem for me as well. Tried all possible solutions but none worked for me.

I subscribed to premium just to use apple watch online mode during running. If this problem persists, I will consider cancelling subscription and switching to another service.


Please fix this issue ASAP!


Thank you.


Hi, @Alex. That does not work for me even if I keep the phone and watch right next to each other for an extended amount of time (ie. over night).


If I select "download to Apple Watch" on a playlist, it will immidietly appear on my Watch with the status "laddar ned" (downloading). If I conntect the phone to a WIFI the status will change to "1 av 18 laddas ned" (1 out of 18 is downloading). And then forever stuck.

I recently updated my phone and watch but this still doesnt work. 



Premium (family)




iPhone XR // Apple Watch Series 6, wachOS 8.0 (19R346)

Operating System

iOS 15.0

Spotify Version


I live and work a few hundred meters from your Stockholm office. I'd be happy to drop off my watch there for further analysis if this would help solving the bug!



So the work-around is:

- Ensure the iphone and apple watch are connected to WiFi

- Turn OFF bluetooth on the iphone


That should get the download to advance past "downloading 1 of x." 

If you don't have that message, so if it simply says "Downloading" grayed out, that means you aren't on wifi or dont have a suitable wifi connection.


Do NOT expect:

- Quick downloading of playlist to the watch. Faster wifi connection, devices closer to the router, devices closer to one another...none of that matters. Its slow, and well, its slow.

- To be sitting in your car outside the gym and expect the ability to refresh or download a playlist. Nothing happens over bluetooth. No wifi = no [slow] downloading

- Playlist updates on the phone to auto-sync to the watch. Want to add a song or change the playlist order? You gotta remove the playlist from the watch, and re-download it.

- Any kind of helpful instruction or response from Spotify or Apple. "Hmm let us look into" "Try re-downloading Spotify"


Nope, thats not working for many people. 

I know my watch is using wifi, and yet sometimes i get nothing, all fine others times. 

An on to top it all off, now none of my downloaded playlists (as confirmed on the watch) will play.  It flashes white very briefly, and then goes grey. All 3 playlists that all are showing as download to the watch.


So glad i still have Apple music which works perfectly.