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Downloading on Apple Watch stuck at first song

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports that some users are unable to download music for offline listening on their Apple Watches. The download is stuck on the first song and doesn't progress.


If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to add your +VOTE and follow the instructions in the Status Update below.


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Hi everyone,


Thank you for your inputs and patience so far.


We're setting this issue to Not Right Now as we're unable to provide an exact timeline for a fix at this moment. However, rest assured this will remain on our internal teams' radar and we'll check back in here with a new status when we have any new information to share.


In the meantime, make sure to always keep the app up to date.


Take care.


It's totally frustrating and devastating my time. 

Today I noticed that a new Spotify version is available. After installation I open Spotify on my Apple Watch and I got a message saying, that I now could download playlist to my Apple Watch. I wonder and open a playlist. If i swipe to the right sight, I noticed a new button for downloading the playlist. I immediately touch this button. But what should I say. It doesn't download anything. After a few minutes Spotify says, that something went and something like better luck next time. 

I try it 3-4 times but it doesn't work. 
I switch Bluetooth off/on, flight mode on/off, start my watch new, nothing get this damn Spotify to download a playlist. 

I then deinstall Spotify from my Apple Watch, start the watch again and install Spotify. 
And now the download button in the Spotify app is gone. 
Needless to say, that the download from the Spotify iPhone app also doesn't work. 

All the time I believe in Spotify and that they will fix the problem. But now I believe that Spotify is a piece of **bleep**. 


This bug has been ongoing for a year and it's still set to "Not right now."  Why isn't Spotify giving this any priority?  It is bad enough it's causing me to rethink my Spotify subscription and instead go all-in on Apple Music, where at least it can sync correctly.


Same issue as already reported. Cannot download and listen to music on the watch. Tries to download the first song and then fails. 

This issue has been reported for more than 1 year and no fix! Really? 
I don’t need useless “my year highlights” features. I need to be able to listen to music on my devices. This should be top priority in your “value stream” … 


best regards




same issue for me, spent allot of time trying all the fixes to no avail.


Spotify needs to fix this issue immediately.

I should switch to Apple Music due to this problem.


Everytime I have to turn off the apple watch, reinstall spotify app, and download it again. What a hassle...


Ever since I've owned an Apple Watch and this feature  was enabled this has always been an issue, still in 2023?


It's incredibly frustrating and there doesn't seem to be a cut and dry way to fix it. Switch something on or off, playing a song etc will sometimes get it going but it tends to work for one album and then you're back to square one.


Any chance of some kind of semi permanent fix or workaround?


Aren't you ashamed? Spotify launched offline playback for the Apple Watch 2 years ago and it still doesn't work. You're forcing people to go to Apple Music.


Two years ago you told us to “rest assured” that you would resolve this issue. TWO YEARS!  I am far from assured.


Unbelievable… still not working.


it proves again, big tech companies don’t care about there customers, as long as they pay it’s fine for the shareholders 


Plan Premium

Country USA

Device Apple Watch Ultra 2, iPhone 15 pro max, both up-to-date

Operating System 10.1.1 (21S71)

My Question or Issue

Downloading a playlist worked when I first got the watch. I accidentally removed a playlist and now nothing works to download a playlist once more.  It gets stuck on waiting... or gets to "x out of 50".


To troubleshoot, I have tried:
  • Turning off Bluetooth from iPhone settings menu.
  • Turning off Bluetooth from Apple watch
  • Turning on airplane mode and just leaving wifi connected
  • Disconnecting/reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network from the watch
  • Reinstalling Spotify on both iPhone and Apple Watch
  • Ensuring that I am not running into a storage issue on the watch (I am using less than 10% of available storage)
  • Rebooting the iPhone and Apple watch
  • Starting the playlist download from the phone or from the watch
  • Turning off the iPhone and uninstalling Spotify from the watch, rebooting the Apple watch, reinstalling Spotify, and connecting the watch to a Bluetooth headset to play the playlist. Then and only then, initiating playlist download.

None of these things worked. Please help. I have liked Spotify but using it offline with the watch is a (if not the) major selling point of the premium membership for me. And it is disconcerting that I see posts of this issue dating back 2 years now.