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Downtime [8th June 2021]: Web Player, other pages and images in the app not loading

Hey folks,


Writing to let you know about the fact that different websites are currently down due to a general outage.  


In relation to Spotify, this affects the Web Player as well as the loading of album artwork / playlist covers in the app both on desktop and mobile. The Spotify Support page or can also be experiencing intermittent outages.


Rest assured we're looking into this and will update you as soon as possible. As a reminder, make sure you add your +VOTE and subscribe if you're affected by this in order to receive all the updates.


In the meantime, it'd be great for you to try using the app, if possible.



Hey there,


Thanks for your patience this far! 


The issue that caused the Web Player, Spotify pages and images to not show up has been resolved. 


If you're having troubles, try to out and back in, clear the cache of your browser or reinstall your app.


  If none of those helped, please get in touch in the relevant Help Board. 


Have a lovely day!


I'm experiencing this on Spotify Web Player and on Android. When I select a song, it does not play and goes straight to the following songs one after the other without playing, until reaching the end of the playlist.

Also, the support website is not working properly - it keeps asking me to log off in every device I have



Any ideas on what is going on here? I am using the android app


@theundercave i have the same issue too and i'm using android as well. no images are showing up.


@theundercave same thing is happening to me in the desktop player. I tried restarting the app a couple of times and only certain images will show


Hey @unagiiiii@jcasacao@theundercave, thanks for posting here!


Looks like this might be happening due to these problems here. Make sure you add your +VOTE and subscribe in order to receive all the updates. Hopefully things will be back working soon.


Stay tuned, have a great day,



I'm also experiencing this on Android, Oxygen OS 9.0.6. Have cleared cache and reinstalled app, but no change. No artwork whatsoever will load and playback has become inconsistent.


Images won't load regardless of browser or platform.


Images aren't loading anywhere...


Looks like this also affected the dekstop app.

I'm using Spotify for Windows 10 and noticed some of the cover art either like corrupted image or become default pic. (songs and album)

And the image of some artists are gone. Now it only showing default pic.


This is what my Desktop version currently looks likeThis is what my Desktop version currently looks like