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Downtime [8th June 2021]: Web Player, other pages and images in the app not loading

Hey folks,


Writing to let you know about the fact that different websites are currently down due to a general outage.  


In relation to Spotify, this affects the Web Player as well as the loading of album artwork / playlist covers in the app both on desktop and mobile. The Spotify Support page or can also be experiencing intermittent outages.


Rest assured we're looking into this and will update you as soon as possible. As a reminder, make sure you add your +VOTE and subscribe if you're affected by this in order to receive all the updates.


In the meantime, it'd be great for you to try using the app, if possible.



Hey there,


Thanks for your patience this far! 


The issue that caused the Web Player, Spotify pages and images to not show up has been resolved. 


If you're having troubles, try to out and back in, clear the cache of your browser or reinstall your app.


  If none of those helped, please get in touch in the relevant Help Board. 


Have a lovely day!


I don't know if it's related to this issue, but other than the album covers not loading I can't create similar playlists. 


Screenshot (64).png

I can't see the album covers nor the song covers, it also doesn't show up in my discord status 


And here I was thinking that I am crazy because I was having problems with wifi sometimes... 


Now I am relieved that it's corrupted in desktop app. 


The fact that you creat a WHOLE post about webpages not working, but ignored thousands of people regarding the UI and blocking followers..... PATHETIC 


I hope your programs crash and nothing works. I hope your company gets exposed for fraud. 



Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting what's happening with the images in the app so quickly!


It's amazing to see how many Community members are active and willing to help. 


Writing to reassure we're aware and actively looking into this in connection with the issue previously reported in this thread.


We'll be sharing all the updates here so remember to hit that +VOTE and subscribe if you're experiencing this.




Happening on Google Pixel 4, Android 11. A good chunk of the songs on my liked music try to play, then cut out two or three seconds into it and show the little exclamation point error thing. I cleared cache and all that and it's still doing it.

I have this issue too!



Hey Guys, this is probably happening because of the Fastly Outage today, the Services still need to recover from the incidence. Happening on other Sites who use Fastly, like Stackoverflow, too.


And hey, at least the Music Streaming works, thats way more important 🙂


PS: I'm not a Spotify Employee


I’m using Spotify via the app on my iPhone and I am experiencing the same struggles, no album covers or artist images are displayed. The problem persists after a clean reinstall.


It also won't let me edit my playlist descriptions or covers

I am on a desktop.