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Downtime January 13th, 2023

Hey folks, 


We've received reports from users saying that they are having trouble accessing Spotify.


This is being investigated.


Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We're happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! 



it was working perfectly fine and in the middle of me playing a game it stopped so i went to check out what happened and it had logged me out and was not letting me sign back in, i uninstalled and reinstalled several times, tried email and code login and tried resetting my xbox and nothing worked
Like it won’t play
song will not play longer than 10 seconds. tried clean install. I have spotify premium






Macbook Pro 2020



Until earlier today, I was not having trouble accessing the API and making requests. However, when I needed to refresh my token, I realized that I'm not able to connect to the API anymore, I get a 401 error and this message, 'Jwks remote fetch is failed', which i had not come across before. It seems I've been removed as a user (I'm also not able to log into accounts.spotify but can access the dashboard and this forum still) and the User and Access button is disabled (see pic) so I can even add myself as a user at all.

Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 9.24.22 PM.png

Any idea what the problem might be? I've been using the API for a couple of weeks now and this is the first time this problem is happening



Having the same problem and I did all the uninstall stuff. Still not working. I’m super mad 

I’m connected to the internet and I restarted the app then the phone but the song still stops after 10 seconds of playing and doesn’t continue even if I hit the play button
When i moved the timestamp bar to 0:00 on a podcast that im listening to it just froze the episode and it wont play. Ive closed and re opened spotify, updated the app, logged out and logged back in of my spotify account, restarted my phone, tried playing it from my computer, and even played the episode before to see if it would automatically start, im stuck and nothing seems to work, pls help 😞

me to


Just came here to post the same thing. Always 8-15 seconds in. I've had maybe 2 songs in the last hour play all the way through. I've emptied cache, updated the app, logged out of all devices, forced a stop on the app, un/reinstalled the app, did a soft reboot of my phone, did a hard reboot of my phone. Still doing it. This is insane. What's the point of Spotify if you can't listen to anything???? 

At the start of any song a few seconds of audio (roughly 9 to 14) will play and then audio will abruptly stop. If I skip to the next song this happens. If I tap on a new song in a playlist the same thing happens. If I attempt to skip further in the song it will allow me to but no further audio will play and the playback bar remains frozen at whatever timestamp I skip to. The pause/play button indicates that music is currently playing but nothing progresses, it's just "frozen." I've tried clearing my queue, clearing my cache, restarting my device multiple times, turning off my VPN, etc. Nothing changes.