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Downtime January 26th, 2023: Issues with

Hey! We've received some reports that our website is presenting some technical difficulties so some of our services like the web player are being affected. Our team is already looking into this. 

Edit: We can confirm that this isn't limited to the Spotify website. The Spotify app on different platforms is also affected.  

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! 


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




Having issues with my iPhone, iPad and google home devices. 


iPhone 14 pro, iOS 16.2

Spotify vers:

Most songs don’t play, the songs that do play only play a few seconds. 


Same issue on iPad

iPad air 4th gen, iPadOS 16.2

Spotify vers:



Suddenly stopped playing and can't login, running Mac Desktop (Monterey v.12.6.3)


The same thing is going on with my PlayStation 4. It won’t load any playlists and when I go to the application, it wants me to link my PSN account and my Spotify account together again.


it's the API 


Does anyone know if what I described above a "web player" issue that Spotify is working on?


my spotify is working but it reseted everything like my playlist,profile username,profile picture


Looks like API calls are hitting a dead or downed server. Also can't see my app anymore on the developer dashboard.


Music is not playing in desktop program on Windows 11 or on my phone app with the most recent update on a Samsung Android device either. It didn't work on a previous app version either, since I tried updating the app to fix my issue. If I load the app on airplane mode, it allows me to play my downloaded music. If I open the app and it connects to the internet, however, it then claims it can't load any music and "something goes wrong" when I search for songs. It can't even play downloaded music if it at all thinks it's connected to the internet. Seems like a server issue.



Most likely. It appears to be affecting more than just the web player.

I'm sure Spotify is doing the best they can to fix it 😎


Same issue with my Laptop ( Windows 11 ),iPhone and iPad. 

1. Unable to login to my account on iphone and laptop ( logged out in panic ) and cant access the website.

2. iPad plays downloaded songs but cant play/search other songs.

3. Issue happened around 27th Jan 00:30 am IST.


iPhone version - iOS 16.2

spotify version - 8.8.4


iPad version - iPadOS 16.2

spotify version - 8.8.4