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Downtime June 7th: Playlist issues

Hey folks!

We've been seeing reports that users are unable to see playlists posted on profiles - both on their own profile and on the profiles of other users. This might lead to some users not being able to create new playlists, or browse their playlists.

This seems to happen mostly on desktop, but we've also noticed reports across different devices.

Hey folks,

Great news - this should now be fixed!

Try signing out from the app and back in again, should the playlists still not appear for you. This action should resync your account info.

Cheers 🙂


I am having this issue as well, I'm on the Chrome Web Player.


The only playlist I can see is my liked songs.


I just noticed I have some playlists that show in my library but don't have an image, and when I click to play it, it just hangs  or says "Couldn't find that playlist" 😥


Spotify just updated and no my Playlist on the start page are gone. And even worse in the Webplayer I've no access to my Playlist at all. My idea: bringt the playlist back to normal! 


Oh and maybe make it easier to write a complain and don't hide it as "Ideas" 🙂 thx 


inb4 it turns out an intern accidentally nuked prod **bleep**


Aujourd'hui, j'ai remarqué qu'il me manquait certaines playlists sur l'application windows.
Ces playlists sont pourtant visibles sur l'application android.

Après recherche, je pense que la dernière synchronisation entre l'app windows et l'app android a eu lieu en Mars.
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Good morning,

Today I noticed that I was missing some playlists on the Windows application.
These playlists are however visible on the Android application.

After research, I think that the last synchronization between the Windows app and the Android app took place in March.

I checked that I am logged in to the same account.

I logged out/logged back into windows.

Nothing has changed...

So I reinstal
I logged into my spotify today and found that my playlist was gone (I never deleted it) . I then tried to restore my playlist but it shows "There was an error retrieving your deleted playlists. Tried it on multiple devices it shows the same thing. I dont know what to do now. I had 500+ songs on that playlist. I only have one account and nobody else had my account so idk how it got deleted. I need help please 😞

My message was cut...

So I reinstalled the Windows application and since then, all my playlists have completely disappeared on Windows (they are still present on Android...)

Do you have a solution?



Same here. Pretty frustrating as just now I was making some drawings for my public playlists but now I can't see which ones they are


Same for me, can't see any playlists on profile or in library 


I need to get my playlists back ASAP! This is definitely NOT okay. It happened about twenty minutes ago or so, The app won't even let me add playlists to replace the ones that were stupidly deleted. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? if so, please help. Music is very important to me. This is just terrible. Especially because I listen to music every night and day. now I literally can't.