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[Downtime March 1st 2021] Issues subscribing to Premium or redeeming gift cards

Hey there folks,


We've received reports that users are having issues when trying to subscribe to Premium or adding gift cards to their accounts.


We're currently investigating this. 


If you're experiencing this, make sure not to retry to subscribe while this is being looked into.


Hello everyone,


We have another update for those of you who might've been charged more than once. For visibility, we're still including the complete FAQ, so please scroll down and click on each section spoiler to check the new info for you.

  • You still can't pay with your debit card or can't redeem your gift card.
Payment methods for Spotify need to meet some requirements. Check here if that's the case for your payment method of choice. It might also be a good idea to check with your bank to receive more detailed info on why a payment might've failed.
If that doesn't clear things up, reach out to our customer support team. You should also do this if you're having difficulties redeeming a gift card. Prepare your receipt so the team can help you out faster!
  • You wanted to cancel or change your subscription type but were unable to.
All should work as usual now, so please give it another go.
If you got charged due to not being able to cancel on time, reach out to our customer support team and they'll assist with switching you to Free and refunding your charge.
  • You usually pay on the 1st and now you're wondering if your billing date will change.
No worries - your billing date will stay the same.
We'll just receive your payment a bit later this month. If you haven't been charged yet, that should also be processed soon. You can double-check your billing date on your Account overview.
  • You couldn't subscribe, but you still see multiple charges on your bank / card statement.
Our team is working to have any affected payments refunded to your payment method. Funds usually arrive within a few days, but the exact time depends on your payment method / bank. Please give it another few days for the refunds to be processed before reaching out to our customer support team to allow us to handle this as fast as possible.
  • You suddenly got switched to Free.
This should be unrelated to the issues we were having and might've only happened if your renewal date was yesterday.
Try resubscribing as usual. If you have Premium from one of our partners, reach out to them and ask them to reactivate it for you.
Once again, thank you all for your patience during our downtime. You all rock!
Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks, 


We really appreciate your reports so far.


Our teams are currently looking into this. 


While they do, make sure not to retry multiple times to avoid the slim chance of duplicate charges poping up.


We'll be also passing on updates as we get them here in this Ongoing Issue thread.


If you're experiencing this, make sure to add your +VOTE and subscribe to the thread stay in the loop. 




How much longer until its back up


Waited to get to 1st of the month so my sub would come out on the 1st each month, 1st comes and cant sub. feels good man


My family wants to join in my brand-new Spotify Family account made yesterday but they can't. I hope it ends soon, 'cause my mama is gonna beat me if she can't listen to k-pop music without ads 😕


This is gonna be a pretty annoying walk listening to Free Spotify. 


Is this why I cannot change my cc expiry date?


Kindly fix the issue ASAP. 


How long will it take? BC i would like to upgrade to family...


My subscription was cancelled and I can't update payment info. 


Also - when did you up the family premium fee? Was 16,99€ and I see you're upping it to 18,99€ 

I didn't receive any emails regarding this 🙄 is this why you are canceling subscriptions so we'd have to re-sub with this more expensive fee without you being liable about charging more without notice? 🤔 


pls fix this problem bcs im on my 3 months free premium and if i dont cancel it soon i will have to pay 10 bucks for another month! 10 bucks!!!!!! who is gonna be pay for me huh?? my dead cat? i dont think so. u can tell im v aggravated right now so pls fix it or else im contacting The Manager.