Downtime Nov.27 2020 - Songs freezing and skipping

Status: Fixed




Operating System

Windows 10 - Chrome and Firefox web player


My Question or Issue

For 10 minutes now all the songs play for at most 7 seconds then automatically skip to the next. I tried logging on and off, and switching the browser. The same issue appears. It's impossible to listen to anything.

Hey folks!


Thanks for your patience. This should be resolved now and things should be running smoothly again.


We recommend that you log out and back in 2 times to sync everything up if you still experience any skipping or freezing.




me too! luckly is working fine on my iphone


Also happening for me. I am using spotify in chrome browser, PC, windows 10, with spotify premium trial. Trying to listen to the new King Giz album, KG, which spotify recommended for me in "new releases for you". Tracks seem to only play for 1 or 2 seconds, then skip to the next song.


Same here. What happened again, Spotify?


Same here

Got this problem on chrome, firefox, webos and ps4

working on android 10 smartphone

Same, FireFox 83.0, Windows 10






iPhone X

Operating System

iOS 14.2


My Question or Issue

I have an issue with playing tracks on my iPhone X. The majority of tracks are either skipped  immediately or are played for a few seconds before skipping. A daily mix, for example. which I tried to listen to managed to play only 2 full songs.

These issues are occurring when the phone is connected to wifi or phone data.


Actions I've completed so far:

1.   Deleted app and reinstalled

2.  Powered phone off and on

3.  Ensured that Spotify app is on background refresh


The app is showing to be connected and not offline.


Any help with this is much appreciated. 


It's particularly frustrating as I'm unable to listen to any of my playlists

Same. Gecko- and Blink-based browsers (probably other too). No addons.

Logitech media server or sqeezebox, same issue


Same issue on chromecast with spotify beta Version 


Plan: Premium

Country: US

Browser: Google Chrome Version 86.0.4240.198 (Official Build) (x86_64)


Device: Mac Pro late 2013

Operating System: OSX 10.15.7


When playing my "Work Playlist" on both Web Player and Desktop App, songs are starting, playing between a second to a few seconds, and then skipping to the next track, without any input.


I have attempted:


* restart the desktop app
* load the playlist in web player / desktop app 

* opening web player in incognito
* opening playlist on iOS client
* attempted to cast to Chromecast device (same behavior)


Note: Songs should have been downloaded locally to devices for both Desktop App and iOS