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Driving Safety Dismiss Message - URGENT SAFETY CONCERN!



When connecting Spotify to my BMW iDrive (iPhone 7) via USB or Bluetooth, the BMW app automatically launches Spotify. 


Spotify then automatically opens a Driving Safety Dismiss Message on the phone which must be clicked before Spotify lets you play or do anything, including controlling Spotify through the car. This only pops up when connecting to the car.


In short.. You have a safety feature warning people not to use their phone whilst driving, but the feature forces people to use their phone whilst in their car. Kinda counterproductive, right?


Can you implement a tick box or an option to permanently turn off Safety Warning from popping up every time?


I'd consider it a pretty urgent fix as you're risking people having to use their phones in the car. It's an accident waiting to happen. 

Hey @P3rks! Thanks for writing.


This feature is meant to notify the driver when they're connecting Spotify to their card while getting ready to start driving. This ensures that the driver reads and acknowledges the information showing up on their phone.


However, we understand where you're coming from. We'll make sure to let the right team know about this, so the feature is improved and we can provide the best customer experience. We hope this helps.


Also, we'll be moving this post to the "Not an issue" section, since you're providing us with your honest feedback. If you ever need help with anything else, feel free to create a new thread. Have an amazing day 🙂



5 years .. "not an issue" till accident will happen and it will get into newspaper. Shame on you, Spotify.

Tried to report it again:


Thinking about swiching back to AUX jack cable solution just to gain some freedom. Lol, never expected I will be forced to do so in 2022.


Hey everyone!

This suggestion was published and accepted as a 'New Suggestion' on the Ideas Board. However, this is just the first step and now, I encourage you all to leave kudos and share the suggestion with the community to support it. Here is the link to access the suggestion thread. 


Thanks in advance for your patience.


Stay awesome!

If you have further questions or if you need anything else, let me know! I'd love to help!