[ERROR] Can't play current track

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Device: Windows / OSX


Operating System Version: Windows 7


Spotify Version1.0.15.133 and more



 Music will stop playing with the "Can't play the current track" error message.  If you dismiss the message, music will not resume.  



Skip to the next song, music begins playing.

Pick 'Radio' from the left menu, select a genre,  music begins to play.


Additional information:



Thanks again for all your reports regarding this issue. We’re currently investigating and will hopefully have an update soon. If you haven’t already please be sure to try the basic troubleshooting steps listed in Jim’s post over here.


We’re closing this thread to continue collecting reports in the largest thread. If you’ve attempted the troubleshooting but not reported your info to us, post the following information over here:


  • Your Spotify username (if you're comfortable sharing it publicly)
  • Your device
  • Your device's operating system
  • The Spotify version installed

This is insane. @JackF; do you own any software on your laptop where you pay a monthly fee that you have to reinstall multiple times a day in order to get what you are actually paying for? 


This issue has been going on for over six months now and nothing happens. No solution is being offered. The only thing is questions; have you tried this, can you do that... I want a clear answer very soon, on when this is being solved and what Spotify will do to compensate for this extremely bad user experience.



One of the community members was able to find a fix: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Accounts-and-Subscriptions/My-Account-Can-t-Play-Anything/m-p/15054...


TL;DR: Change a password.


Changing password did not work for me..


Hi @JackF. Can you get back to all the comments so far? The total disinterest from Spotify doesn't realy help to convince your audience that you are actually looking into this issue.


And yes. I've tried older versions without succes. And changing my password didn't work either.



I get the message without doing any changes whatsoever on my computer. The local files trick doesn't help. Nor does a re-install.


Spotify has worked properly for a few days now and I'm still running the same Spotify version as the last time I got the error message. Looking at my Windows Update history I cannot find any updates that coincide with the error-message/no-error-message-tombola.


Spotify has stopped working again. The "Can't Play Current Track" error appears for most songs, but I can play songs from playlists I played yesterday.


Today I think it coincided with the Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.233.849.0). It might not have anything to do with the problem, but I thought you'd like to know.


I still run the Spotify version, but see there is an update to Is the "Can't Play Current Track" issue solved in that version?



A few hours later Spotify is working again. And this is without me doing any changes on my computer; I haven't even restarted Spotify.


Hi @JackF,


Please come back to all of your users who are having this issue, with a solution and/or with a compensation. You are letting this issue get out of hand and killing the positive feeling that most of us have with the brand. Would it help if we start posting all of our issues in this group on other social platforms? Will we finally be taken seriously then? 


Still waiting for your reply.


Had this problem for a while as well. 


I can predict when it happens too.


When I wake my iMac and try to continue playing Spotify using a Bluetooth speaker the "Can't play current track" message appears. 


I'm not sure if the Bluetooth speaker is a red herring though - all I know is that it always happens when it is connected and sometimes happens when I'm just using the internal iMac speakers.


The common factor here is that the iMac is renegotiating its WiFi connection (as indicated by the signal strength indicator of the wifi icon in the status bar going up and down) AND Spotify was open prior to this 'waking' action. 


Spotify Tech people - could the app be somehow caching something that ought to be 'renewed' when a connection is restored? (be it an internet connection over WiFi or a speaker connection over Bluetooth) So when the app tries to continue as if nothing has happened it falls over somehow. Clearly, I'm not technical but this might spark a possible solution in someone's mind who is?


If this continues, I'll be canceling my subscription and going the Apple Music route as I know this works flawlessly. Come on Spotify... waking a Mac from sleep and using a Bluetooth speaker are not uncommon tasks for the average user... please sort it out!!

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Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey all!


Thanks for all your comments and reports relating to this issue. We've merged a few threads together to collate as much information as we can to solve the "Can't Play Current Track" and "Track Not Available" errors.


If you're experiencing one of the following issues. Please follow the steps below; 

  1. Playback fails to start on all tracks (PC and Mac).
  2. Playback fails on local files.
  3. Playback fails on some, but not all non-local files.
  4. Playback stops mid-song (PC only).
  5. Playback fails, and all tracks skip through to the end of a playlist with no audio (PC only).

For all instances, the first thing to try is a full reinstall and restart of your preferred network connection. This should help in most cases. 


(Windows PC) If you're still having trouble. Do you have any available updates for your audio drivers/sound card? To check, follow the steps here;

  1. Open Device Manager (Windows + X, or Windows + Break, then Device Manager)
  2. Open/Expand Sound, Video and Game controllers
  3. Right-click the device and select "Update Driver Software ..."
  4. Select "Search automatically for updated driver software"
  5. Follow guide

For 2 and - If you're still having issues, can you try removing all local file sources, then add them again? To do this;

  • Click Edit (PC) or Spotify (Mac).
  • Select Preferences.
  • Scroll down to Local Files.
  • Deselect all sources.
  • Close, and restart the app.
  • Select all local file sources once again.

If after all these steps you're still having problems on a Windows PC, we'd suggest fully removing Spotify from your machine and installing version 1.0.7*Click here to get the installer.


*This is an old version of the desktop app. Please note, this version may not include some recent features but does include the fix for the issue outlined here.


Thanks again for all your comments and reports regarding this issue – they're super helpful. Our tech teams are fully aware, and we hope to have some more news to share soon.



Hi @Jim


Thanks for the reply, I'm glad this has the attention it deserves.


To clarify what I have done:


1. Full re-install of Spotify

2. Changed my router from a BT Hub to a Sky box

3. Rigged a direct ethernet connection to my router (as apposed to wifi)

4. Clean re-install of Mac OS El Capitain, followed by Step 1 again

5. Upgraded to Mac OS Sierra, followed by Step 1 again (reluctantly as my iMac is an older version and whilst compatible with Sierra I would have preferred to stick with El Capitain, oh well)

6. De-selected and re-selected all Local Sources in Spotify


None of which solve the problem, which in my case, is very specific - when my iMac comes out of hibernate/sleep and I try to continue playing Spotify. At this point nothing will then play (playlists, local files, albums, radio - nothing, zilch). I have to then restart Spotify and it works fine.


Happy to send log files etc - whatever your technical team needs.