[ERROR] Can't play current track

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Device: Windows / OSX


Operating System Version: Windows 7


Spotify Version1.0.15.133 and more



 Music will stop playing with the "Can't play the current track" error message.  If you dismiss the message, music will not resume.  



Skip to the next song, music begins playing.

Pick 'Radio' from the left menu, select a genre,  music begins to play.


Additional information:



Thanks again for all your reports regarding this issue. We’re currently investigating and will hopefully have an update soon. If you haven’t already please be sure to try the basic troubleshooting steps listed in Jim’s post over here.


We’re closing this thread to continue collecting reports in the largest thread. If you’ve attempted the troubleshooting but not reported your info to us, post the following information over here:


  • Your Spotify username (if you're comfortable sharing it publicly)
  • Your device
  • Your device's operating system
  • The Spotify version installed

Same thing here.  Been going on the last 2 days on my desktop only.


Same issue for me, no songs can be played on spotify.


I am a premium user, tried high quality audio on/off, no difference.

The message pops up every time a new song in the playlist is started, then it moves to the next song, message pops up etc....


Similar issue is happening for me too.


Premium user, tested with high quality on and off, songs get to about 7 secs, then audio cuts out, then "Can't play the current track" error message comes up, time counter keeps going with no audio up to about 20-50 secs, then audio cuts in again and timer is back at 7 secs like when it cuts out.


Have tried uninstall and reinstall, have also moved cache to an empty drive, computer is running over lan cable not wifi.


Similar issue. It's been a few week and this bug is still ongoing.


Can't play *any* song on my mac (OS X 10.11.1).


I tried everything, nothing works (Premium user, tested with high quality on and off, uninstall and reinstall, have also moved cache somewhere else).


desperate to have it working again on my mac.



Half an hr ago was fine, then I restarted with the new update and now absolutely no songs will play. Whether I try my own playlist, someone elses, radio - they all skip and skip and skip and I don't get any music.

I'm also premium. The apps work fine, but my desktop version is now messed up. Can we possibly revert to a past update? Nothing was broken for me, then.

I've tried clearing the cache, turning quality up and down as well as hardware acceleration off - none have worked. I've closed and re-opened a bunch of times and it's still the same.

Bit annoying to be paying for a broken thing!


Windows 10 user, my Spotify stopped working this week with same problem. Starts playing track, then skips to next which it starts playing before skipping to the next track until it reaches the end of the playlist/album. Tried reinstalling to no avail.


I'm paying a Premium Family subscription. Spotify is still working on my wife's Windows 10 machine (same Spotify version), on iOS and Android. Just not my Win10 laptop.


Given the amount of times this problem has been raised, it's crap that there's no formal message from Spotify, let alone a fix...


Can't play any songs, and when I set one it just keeps skipping to the next track and the next. Premium user as well, works on my phone and tablet, but not over spotify connect either. Just desktop spotify.


Device: Windows

OS: Windows 8.1

Spotify version:


This is happening to me too for about a week (spotify free). Skips every music over and over, doesn't stop doing this until I quit spotify. Web player does not play nothing at all too. Though in my ipad there is no problem, all musics play.




"Me too".


Windows 10, was working earlier this week then stopped today, I think after being asked to upgrade to the latest version.  All my playlists won't play, it just skips through the songs with a very brief view of a blue banner at the top of the window saying "Can't play the current track".  


iPhone still working.  Another computer with older version of spotify installed still working.


Tried uninstalling and reinstalling spotify for what it's worth, but no change.  Ads still work so that's good!


Something very wrong on the servers or with this update, although it seems to be a longish running issue so perhaps more server/client version compatibility related, but what do I know?  And nobody seems to care.  How are you supposed to contact actual spotfiy support to get something done instead of everyone just gathering here and saying "yeah me too"?


Casual Listener

Spotify version

Windows 7 (x64)

Spotify Premium


Happens on albums, public playlists, private playlists.


I tried resetting the cache location, turning off high-quality, re-installing - no dice

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