Epic collection - are you kidding?!

Today I tried to add a new album to my music collection on Spotify. However, it refused to and gave me the following message instead:


Epic collection, friend. Your music is all filled up. To save more, you'll need to remove some songs.


Now seriously, you guys must be kidding!! I'm a premium customer. If I cannot store more albums in my library, I'll pack my things and go to Apple Music, because they have a 100.000 song quota there. Im not gonna delete songs from my library, no way! Put a limit on your non-paying customers, but let us premium users store the music that we want to listen! This is ridiculous!

Hi there. Please have a look here.


Agreed. This is a ridiculous limitation.


I also just got this notification.


I am outraged!  Been paying for "premium" service.


So irritated!  I am not going to remove songs either!



SPOTIFY!!!!  Are you listening?!?!?!


We will leave your service if you do not increase this limit!  (I don't even have THAT many!!!)



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Hi there. Please have a look here.