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Equalizer on spotify android is delayed when a song starts

when a song starts, it starts for 1/4 or half a second as stock setting then the custom/preset equalizer setting kicks in. also happens when skipping to a next or previous track as well as just starting over the current track. this seems to be an ongoing issue for a while now.


see this thread for more info

Hey folks, 


Thanks for the reports around this. 


Unfortunately we're unable to fix this right now, but the right team are aware of the issue. 


We don't have a timeframe for a solution, but hopefully this is something we'll be able to update in the future.


Thanks for bearing with us. We'd recommend keeping your apps up-to-date in the meantime.


All the best,


Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @rufus2021! Welcome to the Spotify Community!

That's not cool! Could you let me know your Spotify, device and OS versions? Also, are you using a custom ROM or something similar? I'd love to get to the bottom of this. 🙂


Keep me posted!


@Hubo thanks for your response. i have the issue on both a nexus 5x 16gb and a google pixel 128gb both with android 7.1.2 unrooted, no custom anything. i literally took the pixel out of the box yesterday, so that's brand new. this also used to happen on my nexus 6p, and some other devices were mentioned in the thread i linked.


Thanks for the info, @rufus2021.


We'd like to know if this happens with the native equalizer that comes with the app, or the equalizer settings from your phone. Also, it'd be great if you could fire over the exact Spotify versions currently running in both your Nexus and Pixel.


Keep us posted 🙂


@JulianA_Bogota this happens when i turn on the equalizer through the spotify app settings. it does not happen otherwise. spotify version is on both pixel and 5x.


Hmm, that's odd.


Could you try giving Spotify a clean reinstall with these steps? Try that one out on both your devices and let us know if the app behaves any differently. If it's still the same, give us a shout and we'll see what else we can suggest.


We'll keep an eye open for your reply!


@JulianObsidia sorry that didn't work. here's a little more info. it happens while streaming wifi or network, also with music i've saved to the device through spotify. the quality level of music doesn't make a difference either. are you not able to reproduce it? it's very subtle at the beginning of a song, but i notice it pretty easily.


the album DREAMCAR by DREAMCAR is a good one to test with. you'll want songs that start right away without a fade in to notice it better.


Thanks for the extra info @rufus2021!


I gave it a try and could hear when the equalizer activated right after the song starts. We'd like to gather as much info as possible to report this. Let us know if using a device with a different operating system gives you the same result. Did you notice this after an app update or a certain event? We'll see what else to suggest.


Take care!


I m having the same problem, i have a huwaei p10 and there is no eq built in so i have to use third party eq but they all get delayed half a second whenever a new song comes on... Please help me! 


@FabianS_Bogota this has been an issue for as long as i can remember, so i can't really say if it was after a certain update. it doesn't happen on an ipad mini that i have. only android.


Thanks for that info, @rufus2021@Jontep93!


In this case, could you let us know what operating system and Spotify version you're using on your devices?


We'll get this reported.