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I repeatedly get the firewall error message and I've run every fix suggested on this community. It simply refuses to work. It works perfectly on my Android phone however.


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Hey there folks,
We really appreciate all your reports so far!
As this issue could be caused by individual network setups, we'll mark it as Not Right Now for now since it's something that will need to be looked into individually or could get resolved by an overall system and/or functionality change.
If you're experiencing this, we'd recommend making sure to try all the relevant steps first as these usually do the trick:
  • Thoroughly reinstall the app with these steps.
  • Check your firewall and antivirus software/apps to make sure Spotify is whitelisted or set as an exception.
  • Remove ALL entries from the Windows hosts file (not just the Spotify ones).
  • Uninstall any ad-blocker apps.
  • Run Windows in Safe Mode with Networking - if the app works with no issues there, we'd suggest adjusting different network settings and uninstalling any software that might be conflicting with Spotify's connectivity.
  • If possible, try connecting your desktop to the internet via a mobile hotspot. Should the app work through it, consult with your router's manufacturer.
  • If you're on a non-personal device or network (student laptop, student network, corporate laptop, corporate network) get in touch with the administrator for more help.
If you're still having troubles after checking all these, let us know by starting a new thread in the related Help Board and including all the steps you've tried so far and their outcome. We'll be happy to take a closer look and lend a hand there!
Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey there folks,


Thanks for reporting this here in the Community!


Our tech teams are currently looking into this.


If you're unable to log in and see this error message, we'd fist recommend trying the following:

  • Perform a clean reinstall with the steps here
  • Check the firewall on your device and make sure Spotify is "whitelisted"
  • Disable any antivirus software temporarily to see if that helps - if it does, make sure to set Spotify as an exception
  • Turn off any VPN, if in use
  • Check that the proxy settings are set to default (auto-detect)
  • Check the host files (steps can be found here for Windows device and here for MacOS devices)
  • Switching to another internet connection (WiFi, mobile data via tethering, or going direct via LAN cable)
  • Using other devices and a different computer, if available
  • Try logging in with a different account to see if that helps
  • Accessing the Spotify Web Player before re-attempting to log back in to the desktop client
  • Running Spotify on Safe Mode

If the issue persists, feel free to add your +VOTE to this thread and make sure you've subscribed in order to get the latest news here.


For now we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app and all devices fully up-to-date.



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Macbook Pro late 2019

Operating System


All steps mentioned above were completed in coordination with Spotify tech support as I had been engaged in a live chat for more than an hour with them.

Home network.


Hey guys, 


I FIGURED IT OUT after trying everything that was suggested here! I hope this can help some of you out.


Download a .dmg of an older version of Spotify. I had to go all the way back to version, which is from 2015 ([snip - Community Moderator edit]). I was able to log into this version of Spotify. I went to About Spotify and then updated to the latest version of Spotify from there instead of installing it from the website and it kept me logged in after the update.


edit: i'm using a Mac with OS Sierra

Let me know if this works for you guys! Nothing else worked for me. 🙂  I hope the team still looks into the issue tho because this was way too much effort.





Asus Vivobook Pro, Windows 10




I tried every step. Still not working and error:30


I fixed the problem. I edited the hosts file and got rid of the Spotify lines. This is how I got it fixed. Thanks for the help!


Yes, this works, but it didn't work when I just deleted the lines in 1 hosts file, the I deleted it in all of the files which include word host and then restarted my pc, in it worked. So happy!


MacBook OSX




I have had this issue on the last three versions of OSX, I have tried every step multiple times and have had no luck. Have followed steps both on home wifi and on university internet with the same results.




I don't have anything in my drivers, like nothing, not a single thing, nada.

so i cant fix my spotify, or should i be worried or??


Probably, but check if you did all the passages in the right way after you restarted your pc

@EthanS1 where do I click your answer "Accept as Solution" ?
Thank you, your solution is the only thing that worked!