Error when attempting to redeem Google Nest Mini

Hey folks, 


We're seeing reports about issues with redeeming the Google Nest Mini offer.


The error message "We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment." is displayed:


GNM error (redeem).jpg

Status Update: 22nd September 2020


If you're already registered for a Google Nest Mini, it might take some time to receive your confirmation email, depending on availability. The offer had massive demand and we’re currently working with Google to find the best solution possible. We appreciate your patience, we’ll let you know soon.


For those who have already received an email confirming that you've redeemed the offer, click the link provided to order your device or visit


Thanks to all users who expressed their interest! Keep an eye on the Google Store and for more deals and promotional offers. 


Note: New registrations for a Google Nest Mini are now closed both in UK and Canada. Customers who have already registered will still be able to redeem their code.

When people are refreshing are you refreshing just the error screen or repeating the whole process?
Exactly the same for me. Was on a 6 month free trial and had to cancel early for this and now it says I can’t even redeem the offer. Even cancelling the premium now won’t give me a refund.

The error screen, I just kept doing it a bunch of times 🙂


im having the same problem, even with refreshing it still doesnt seem to work


Me too 


I have paid my individual subscription and have not had a google mini before, I pay 9.99 a month and live in the UK. 


I have the same problem 


Same problem, refreshed hundreds of times but still "We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment."


I'm also having the same problem. I believe I meet all of the eligibility requirements but I'm getting the same error as others

I too have the same issue

Same here. Unable to claim the offer. 

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