Error when attempting to redeem Google Nest Mini

Hey folks, 


We're seeing reports about issues with redeeming the Google Nest Mini offer.


The error message "We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment." is displayed:


GNM error (redeem).jpg

Status Update: 22nd September 2020


If you're already registered for a Google Nest Mini, it might take some time to receive your confirmation email, depending on availability. The offer had massive demand and we’re currently working with Google to find the best solution possible. We appreciate your patience, we’ll let you know soon.


For those who have already received an email confirming that you've redeemed the offer, click the link provided to order your device or visit


Thanks to all users who expressed their interest! Keep an eye on the Google Store and for more deals and promotional offers. 


Note: New registrations for a Google Nest Mini are now closed both in UK and Canada. Customers who have already registered will still be able to redeem their code.


I got my email this morning to redeem my google nest and it worked , I signed up a day after the first so it did take a while but I’ve been able to order mine. 


Day 15 in the big brother spotify house, and some housemates are still waiting...


I have been waiting 15 days now, After contacting Spotify via their live chat and asking for the case to be escalated for a second time, ( as the first escalations representative was not helpful ) I have manually received a link directly to the google store and have managed to claim my Google nest Mini in Charcoal. Delivery is end of October However, I am happy to wait now that I have redeem the offer. 


Anyone who has escalated their case and s getting the same Scripted replies from them should speak on Live chat and re escalate their case again. There is hope for all of you! 🙂 


@Flemstar97 I have just asked for it to be escalated a second time, encouraged by your experience. Maybe it will come up useful this time... Fingers crossed!


@huttsleia Fingers crossed for you!, it did take 24 hours for them to respond so hopefully by tomorrow you will also receive yours! 



 ...aaaaand success! seems to be worth chasing escalations again even if the first time isn't helpful, particularly if there seem to be codes getting released to others at the same sort of time. good luck everyone!


Got my email today ... finally


"By the way, the registration for the Google Nest Mini has already been closed, and Spotify system is now focused and already working on sending the codes to all customers who were able to register to this offer, like you :)"


This was this morning on their live chat, there is hope!


What are you guys and gals actually saying when escalating the situation because everytime I've spoke to there live chat they've just said sorry about the wait but you should receive a email soon and they've said that 3 times I'm just **bleep** now at this entire situation spotify obviously just love having a laugh at there long term users I pay 15 quid a week for what 


@Sphinxe911  You need to contact them again and ask for your case the be escalated the the escalation team. They may say it is not possible but just keep asking and they will do it. Hopefully you receive yours soon. 

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