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Error when trying to remove access from previously approved applications




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I am trying to prevent artists/labels from adding to my playlists when i pre-saved songs in the past. I found in the account page you can view approved applications but upon trying to remove the access from certain items i got an error reading, 

Failed to revoke access for the application, please try again later. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey everyone,


Our tech teams have been working hard backstage and we’re happy to say that this should be fixed for everyone now!


In case you are still experiencing this, we'd recommend refreshing your browser or try a private/incognito window.

If you have any further questions, please let us know in the relevant help boards here.


Take care.


Hey @sparkofvenom, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Could you try doing this using a different browser or private window? If that doesn't help, you can also try using a different network connection.


Keep me posted!

This did not work and I am having the same issue

Hmm, this does sound a bit odd @mbuyambaf!


Could you give this a try on a different device and let us know what apps are causing trouble?


It's also a good idea to log out > restart your browser > log back in to the Account page to sync up any changes.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.


Hi, I'm having the same issue.


It says "failed to revoke access, please try later", but the app is not available in the list anymore so that's not possible. And I'm sure all those apps still have access to my account because one of them is still changing some of my playlists. That's a huge security issue...

Can you please get back to me with a way to effectively revoke access to connected applications ?


I have tried this and I get the same “failed...” message. 


@Elena I have tried this and I get the same “failed...” message. 


I can confirm that this is a real issue.


I have my own app under development and was testing if the app properly deals with when a user revokes access.


To do this I log into spotify, revoke access to my app, and am given this same error, but the app is removed from the list so you cannot click again.


The big issue here is that my App still has access to my account. I was able to successfully modify/create new playlists with my access token, even after revoking access.


I have the same issue with the Sony Entertainment Music app. I got the error message "failed to revoke access, please try again later", but the app is not available anymore, its gone?? So trying later is not possible. And i have confirmation that Sony still has access to my account as i just got an email from them...This is a huge security issue!!! Please get back to me to help me remove their access!


also unable to revoke access from every app on my account, i get the same error


Waze... google maps... Sony... Alexa... I click remove access it says "Failed to revoke access for the application, please try again later." the app will also temporarily disappear from the list


Spent some time with (french) spotify support on the chat, and they didn't understand what the problem was. Had to explain to the person how an API is supposed to work and they agreed something was weird but they didn't feel the need to report the issue...